Ps Miguel Escobar 2nd June 2013 ()

Miguel Escobar, June 2, 2013
Part of the Visitor Speaker series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

We are all in need of Jesus. We have an enemy, but we are all over-comers. If we truly come close to God, then we will be over-comers.
We all love traditions, make an identity out of our traditions.
God can work with anyone, any time, in any circumstances in life.
Importance of receiving the Holy Spirit. All three of the godhead involved in creation. Jesus said that He would ask the Father to send the Helper - we need help!
Our abilities are limited. We do not know the whole world. We must have that Help.
Want to exhort us, to wake up something inside us
The church, based on traditions, aren't really seeking the depth of the works of the Holy Spirit. We are a people who are complacent. Easy comfortable life. Tradition = we do what our forefathers did.
For God to do supernatural things in our lives, need to break through traditions. God wants to manifest His glory, but we do not allow it. God said I will give you the Holy Spirit, and then you will go.
In this life you will have problems.
We have been commissioned to resurrect the dead, to set people free.
Are we players or spectators?
God has made us all equal. That means that if you gave things to the apostles, then He will give it to us today. The problem is our attitude - how much do I truly believe that God will use me? Sometimes we come with a negative disposition.
We come with a closed mind, yet we don't know what God will do! If God can heal, then I want to see God heal!
Holy Spirit says "I run this system. You prepare yourself, and then you let ME do the rest!"
*God has a plan, bigger than my plan. What you want to do in my life doesn't fit in my mind.*
Romans 12 says that our mind has to be renewed. We cannot keep our old mind system. We can change it for better each day.
If we speak life, we get life. Proverbs: in our tongue is the power of life and death. If we speak negatively, it's not going to happen. God is telling us to look up at the skies, look at the mountain, God is in control.
Church is one thing, but outside church what are we going to do? I know if God is with me, then we'll make it.
Speak prophetically: you can do the same thing!
It's not about how much knowledge you have accumulated. Get the Holy Spirit. The combination of the Spirit and education, you are unstoppable and do great things!
We have been called to do much more than what has already been done. It's something we have not taken seriously, because of the tradition that says we have to do so much stuff first.
Apostle Paul had clear direction from God to go and preach.
We need to go out and do what God has called us to do.
We need to be connected to God. Like phone, you can have the phone, but without connection it is useless.
Being connected requires changes.
Kingdom of God given to us for this season.
Paul writes that he came to demonstrate the power of God in his life.
Corinthians 9 gifts, but research 27 gifts. We are given many gifts!
God says go to the world and bless other people.
We hold something that we don't really know, that the world needs to receive. We don't easily accept supernatural things.
Trademark: if I have a problem, enjoy it. because through our problems, God is bringing perfection in our lives.


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