Ps Nigel Surman 9th June 2013 (Luke 7:34-35, Mark 6:30-44, Mark 9:34-35)

Nigel Surman, June 9, 2013
Part of the Visitor Speaker series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Belonging to Big G is good news! He has the answers for your life!
Three things:
1. Belong to God
2. Belong by being a friend
3. Belong by being driven by love

1. We do the things that we like to draw others to God. It's important because we belong to God. If we belong to God, it doesn't matter so much what we do - we belong to God first.
Luke 7:34-35. Results are proven. We've got to go where Jesus leads. Jesus didn't mind having a party. Shook up the religious people, because they didn't want to change. We want to change, to press into God. Jesus referred to people who wanted to go along with the crowd as sheep who needed a shepherd.
Jesus said of John the Baptist. The greatest who has ever lived is not as great as John the Baptist, yet even the least of the kingdom is greater than John the Baptist - you are far greater because the kingdom of God resides in you.
We got to train our mind to think good stories.
Building the kingdom of God need to have some offensive actions. If we're going to do something for the Kingdom of God, you've got to attack! We are on the cusp of something exciting. The presence of God is here. There's going to be some overflow. Be front-footed. We can be marked as fundamental, but we have to follow Jesus' lead. God has much more for us than just committees!

2. Be a friend: Have lunch with a friend, have a coffee. Bringing people closer to God.
Mark 6:30-44, feeding the 5000. Some of the people who were following Jesus belonged to him and wanted to stay in his presence. The disciples said "send the people home", because they were hungry too. We're all hungry at times too. The story goes on, the disciples are slow on the uptake. Jesus says "you feed them". Boy with loaves and fishes. God is more than enough - there was abundance.
God's faithfulness to his call on our life is more than enough. Let us be all God has called us to be. Did the disciples still go home afterwards hungry? No! They were filled too!. When you do what God has asked you to do, you will be surprised at the outcome. It only takes one small miracle and everything will change! We get blessed buy reaching out.

3. Driven by love. The disciples soul prospered through this experience. How did they all feel after they were all fed? Disciples - never doubt God again. Happy doing God's will.
Salubrious: healthy wholesome sound conducive. Your best life is with God. Well fed, well nourished, Full of the living God.
Mark 9:34-35. If you give up your life for my sake, and the good news, you will find true life. The spirit of service is the passport to eminence in the kingdom of God.
Story of the broken leg.
Got to say it. Faith in action.
There is stuff that we can do that ignite our lives in God. If God is alive, then we have to act alive, and give him every opportunity to move in our lives.
Story of growth in Fremantle church. It never happens in our timeframe. Be content where we're at, but think and dream about where you want to me. Don't be discouraged, stay focussed, stay in touch with leadership and you will see God move.
Story of first church service. We don't know the effect we have in other people's lives.


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