Ps Clinton Phillips 23rd June 3013 (Jeremiah 22:16-17, Exodus 25:2-3, Leviticus 19:9-10, Deuteronomy 8:11-18, Romans 11:16, 1 Kings 17:9-19:16, Deuteronomy 14:28-29, 1 Corinthians 15:20-23, John 12:32)

Clinton Phillips, June 23, 2013
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Living in circles inside squares
Knowing God is eternal life
Jer 22:16-17 - to know Him is to take care of the poor
Recap: How I love people reflects on my love of God. Building into the fibre of this church. Become intentional about this.
His whole heart is about people. For God so loved the World (everyone, not just christians). He came to seek and save that which is lost.
Today: unpack how we do tithe.
God has a method of doing money. God has setup a structure of how we get wealth. Universal principle of tithe
Tsedakha - righteousness. "Did you visit me while I was in prison?" that's righteousness. God takes notice, that we are looking after the poor. We can't pay Him back, yet He gave Jesus Christ. Generousity
Terumah. Part of tithe: 1/40th, 2.5%. $1k = $25. Held it up, put it in the hand of the priests. (Not who you're giving it to, but unlocking God's blessing.)
The First Tithe: our normal 10% Goes to the running of the church. Bring into the storehouse of God
The Second Tithe: In hebrew culture, gave to themselves. 10% give to themselves. Saving
The Third Tithe: The second tithe, every third one, give to the poor.
The Teruma, the highest offering. Sacred. Not to be used for anything else.
Exodus 25:2-3. ... from everyone who gives it willingly offering (Teruma). (Ginsberg - a more complex system)
Leviticus 19:9-10. Don't reap the edges. Don't go over it a second time, or pickup that which is fallen. Leave that for the poor. God is trying to establish a kingdom culture, When you harvest, harvest a circle inside a square. Live within your means. God gives us the power to get wealth. This is how I have ordained it to happen. A structure that allows us to live a life is fulfilled. In the US today, people living beyond their means. Credit cards - living to pay off our debts.
First: Establish Teruma - 2.5%
Second: tithe into church
Third: "second tithe" is for you.
God instils this way of living, harvest within the circle. The reason for that is not for God to rip us off. The edges are for the poor, those who couldn't afford. They are free to take.
God says "You've got a lot. You can sow, reap, give to market". Make sure that you save some for the poor.
Deut 8:11-18 "God gives us power to get wealth". God says: When I bless your life, don't forget me! Everything belongs to God. He gave you the strength, wisdom and ability to do the thing that you do.
Note vs 18: "...that He may establish His covenant ...". God sets up this stuff from the very beginning. I will bless you so you will be a blessing. Blesses us in such a way as to bless others. Don't forget God! God is about bringing blessing to us, so we can bring blessing to others.
Rom 11:16. If the first part of the money is holy, then the rest is holy. What is true of the first fruits is true of the whole lot!
1 Kings 19:9-16. First give to Elijah (Teruma). Not about Elijah needing it - ravens fed Elijah. Not asking for whole plate, roast diiner - asking for morsel of bread. Not about priest's needs, about unlocking provision of God for us.
The widow ate for three years - her and her household (not just her and her son) - out of that jar.
Jesus became a tithe for you and me, and offering on our behalf.
Deut 12:6-7.
Masaar. Deut 14:28,29. End of every third year, give to the poor ... that The Lord your God will bless you.
$1000 - $25 = $975 (Teruma)
$98 tithe = $877 (tithe to church)
$88 tithe = $790 (save)
Circle within square %79 of total area.
Constantine said "The Jews were 1% of population owned 30% of the wealth".
If God's word is true, we should have enough to help the poor!
1 Cor 15:20-23. Jesus became our Teruma
John 12 - Farming: firstfruits of crop, indication of what is to come.


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