Ps Clinton Phillips 21st July 2013 (Hebrews 11:11, Hebrews 11:6, Genesis 16:1-8, Romans 4:19-20)

Clinton Phillips, July 21, 2013
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

By Faith
Hebrews 11:11 - Sarah, barren, able to become pregnant, because she believed the one who made the promise. Your circumstance doesn't determine who you are! What happened in the past doesn't determine what God will do in your future! Transition. By faith it happened. By faith, it does!
Start with the end in mind: Sarah got a baby. Understand the journey. God is interested in the process! It hones us to who we are. If we got to the end without the process, we wouldn't be able to stay there.
Heb 11:6 Without faith it is impossible to please God. There is nothing above God, outside of God - God is God. The pathway to please God is by faith. When it comes to sickness and disease, God is our healer. But without the vehicle of faith, we can't get healing. We need faith!
God believes in us. God has faith in us. We have the biggest job on planet earth to bring souls to him. That's why he gives us his armour, equips us. He puts his power inside us.
Too many conversations in our heads that says we can't do it, that we aren't good enough.
Heb 11:1. Faith is the receipt (the title deed) of things hoped for. eg Buying coffee - pay before you get coffee, get receipt and sit down. Coffee brought to you. Faith comes by hearing the word of God.
God's word is greater than the lies spoken about us, the bullying, insecurity.
Sometimes we feel like we don't measure up, that we don't cut the mustard. Sometimes the devil rides us hard on this. That we're not good enough.
It's not about how I feel; it's about faith. Don't allow emotions to rule, walk by faith. Don't listen to negative thoughts, creates doubts. Listen to positive by faith. Sarah: she received strength to conceive, to receive seed.
God says, that nothing with Him is impossible!
Gen 16. The promise of God is not a formula, it's a promise. God will provide. It's his promise. God puts these desires in our heart, then he meets them. He wants us to depend on him, when we come to him, he fulfils them in us.
Gen 16:1-8. Sarai and Abram get a promise from God that they'll have children. But both old and barren. Sarai tries to fix it by trying to help God out
"... If we would just help God out because he isn't working quick enough ..."
There is stuff that God has put in our lives that we can't see how that can possibly happen. But nothing is impossible with God. Don't try to help God out. By faith. God will make me the person he called me to be. God helps those who come to the end of themselves. Not on our own. God I trust you. I can't do finances without you. Spend time with God, teach me how to pray.
Gen 17:1. When Abram was 99 (promise at 86). You will be called Abraham
vs 15,16: You will be called Sarah, I will give you a son by her.
Changed names, God is adding himself to them.

A=Aleph, Ox=implies strength and leadership.
B=Beth, House.

AB=leader, strength of the house
(Rawn) = to lift up
Abram = to lift up the leader, strength of the house

Abraham = father of a multitude.
HA (added to Abram) = essence of the father.

Sarai = Princess
AH (added to Sarai) back to front HA = people who want to thwart God. The plan of God was to come through sarah. If we want to help God out, he doesn't remove us.

Rom 4:19, 20. Abraham did not waver through unbelief.

God doesn't leave you where you're at, he intercepts your world, and places his name "HA" on us, so that what he has planned will come to pass. He knows the outcome! May take many years, but God will bring it about. Remind God, go back to what he said. What God says vs what my mind says.

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