Patricia Okello 29th September 2013 (Joshua 10:1-15)

Patricia Okello, September 29, 2013
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

"Go the extra mile with God."
Role models. People today look to celebrities for role models. Q: are they good role models? Are we basing it on looks? Joshua good model. Every situation he faced, we went to God with it. Might not get everything right, go to God in it, and He will fix my mistakes.
Joshua 10:1-15. Joshua great leader. Story so far: Joshua made decision without consulting God re: Gibeon. "Go the extra mile with God." Sometimes feels like everyone against you. Joshua's response: God has given me this land, not to be intimidated, but to be all God has called us to be. Don't be rude or confront people, but hold head high, go onto what God has called us to be. Not about us and what we can do, about what God can do through us. Use us, imperfect as we are, God can use us in our lives!
Story. Elton places vision of who Deanna can be in her, so she wins the race. God does the same for us - He is our dad, our Father, who breathes his breath of life in us! God called us into greatness - how much more this should resonate in us!
Come back to that child-like faith. Don't argue, don't question, just grab hold of it! Like Deanna - don't question legs, size, just accepts words from Elton to go onto win!
Not possible because of us, but it's possible because of Him! We need to believe what God says about us, not what other people say about us.
God says to Joshua: whatever ground you step on, is yours. Q: what has God declared over you and your life? God has declared truth over your life. But need to move with this. Joshua: wherever you *step* will be yours - so he marched everywhere, taking men with him to do this. We need to do this in our personal life and walk. Life is hard, challenging, but I have placed my breath in your life. Called to do far better things, see that happening in our lives. Need to take up mantle and run with it. Begin to raise that up inside us, called to be part of something bigger.
Declare God's victory over your circumstances. God has given you victory into your future. "Not about who you are, but who He is."


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