Ps Clinton Phillips 13th October 2013 (Romans 15:13, 2 Kings 3:15-20, Joel 2:25-30, 2 Kings 4:1-77)

Clinton Phillips, October 13, 2013
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Rom 15:13 ... abound in hope ...
Cherise facbook pic. May the God of Hope fill you with all Joy and peace as you trust in him so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
God will never run out of hope. You can have peace, even in the hardest time in your life. Paul, in prison, saying "count it all joy".
Story. Scottish lady with bank money orders. God has riches for us, but we will never be filled unless we apply it in our lives. Your faith and trust in God will determine how we see our circumstances.
2 Kings 3:15-16. "But now, bring me a musician..." Let worship become something that is provident and evident in your life. This year and the year to come. Find the music! Maybe take time out on a personal level to rest. Maybe exercise - something that will stimulate you and charge you.
vs 16. Story behind this - going up behind king of Moabites. Water cutoff, they were dry, no energy to fight the battle. King of Moab knew this, by the time they arrive they will be dead, dead tired and have no strength. Elisha says "dig a ditch, not just one, but a whole valley of them". Every time you worship, you're digging a ditch, filling the hole with God's Spirit. When morning prayers came, the whole valley was filled. As you dig, God's promise to you is to fill it. God is the God who loves hardship and appears in the midst of it. He's not afraid of something going wrong in your world, puts you right in the midst of it all - God will give you the victory. Circumstance tells us everything the opposite.
Dig a ditch - build relationship with others. Do the practical things in our lives. Promise of God, dig a ditch, means that sometimes we need to give up the right to win the fight.
vs 17,18. "... the valley shall be filled with water ...". refreshing, life-giving, a simple matter in the sight of The Lord. Principle of finding the music is that it shifts the atmosphere, God can move. We play our part. If I'm going to trust God with my life, then I have to be willing to do it, not just hear it. Until we take God's word and do it, it won't change our life. This is easy for God!
vs 20. What is life to you, is a death knell for the enemy. The enemy sees blood - defeat in our life. They think that we're dead already - that's the great lie! God is about to work a miracle, but we need to be obedient to His word. Things will change!
Joel 2:25. God says I will restore, I will make better than the original condition. To you, the years that have been stolen and taken from your life. God says I will restore it - everything, self esteem, marriage breakdown - God is going to restore it. Reality faces the truth.
God sees value in us, chooses us, fixes us up, makes us look new.
Joel 2:26-29. Sons and daughters will prophesy. Will become a voice to this generation. Old men dream dreams. There are dreams on the inside that God wants to awaken. Things that will change your life. Gives us power to get wealth, not just money. Fathering generations, parenting generations of people.
2 Kings 4:1-7. Woman lost her husband, facing debt. Left alone with nothing. In those days, pay your debt, have to sell kids. Not only lost husband, but about to lose sons too. Turns to man of God. He represented God to her.
First port of call - run to God. Let Him know the situation. When we cry out to God. God wants to fill us with oil. Be honest about our situation. Man of God asks "what do you have? Get some empty vessels". Today, allow God to fill your life to overflowing. God says I need you to be empty. Give out what's been given to us. God says if you pour out from your life hope, peace, life, faith, then God will fill you again.


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