Ps Clinton Phillips 17th November 2013 (Revelation 21:1-3, Hebrews 9:19-21, Exodus 27:9-19, John 10:7-10, 2 Corinthians 5:18)

Clinton Phillips, November 17, 2013
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Recap - tabernacle experience. white sheets.
Rev 21:1-3. Description of new heaven and earth. Tabernacle of God is with men.
Tabernacle is about the person of Jesus. Jesus dwells among them.
Description of tabernacle - blueprint given to Moses. God has a way of meeting with us that transforms who we area. Start with God first. God starts with himself first. God initiates relationship with us. God has a way of bringing us into right relationship with him.
Heb 9: 19. Covenant between God and us.
Ex 27:9-19. Part of the blueprint.
Linen represented righteousness. White for righteousness.
Silver bought with a price, of blood
Bronze. Can hold heat. Bronze laver,like a BBQ. Spoke of judgement.
Everything about the place speaks of Jesus.
When we approach God, the place of meeting with him, there is a requirement of righteousness. One of the things is the deeds we do for the poor. other side is how we live our life for The Lord. Not our requirement - God has a standard. If you're going to come into my presence you're going to have to have righteousness.
Our righteousness is like filthy rags, but God has made a way for us.
John 10:7-10.
Look at this through our prayer life. Nothing in ourselves that makes us good enough to approach God.
Jesus is the door through we step into God's righteousness. Only one way in. The only way that we can come to God is through Jesus, because it's all about what Jesus has done for us. If you enter in through Jesus the door, you have access to God.
Righteousness and judgement (bronze and linen) - but also silver: a price that has been paid.
Judas - 30 pieces of silver. God has paid the price already.
Come on the inside of the tabernacle you can see mercy, grace, forgiveness. He wants us to be in fellowship with us.
God is a righteous God.
Psalm 84:2
2 Cor 5:18 God was reconciling us to himself.
God is knocking on our door - wants to be in relationship with us. God initiates relationship. God wants to spend time with me - not so much us being alone with him.
*When we come to meet with God, our focus is not on us, it's on God. It lifts our vision.*
The priest can only do this once a year.
Jesus was the door, on the cross, he was the sacrifice for us.
When we approach the throne of God through Jesus, our sins are forgiven. Our sin was nailed to the cross. I am declared righteous. I am in a right relationship with God. I can enjoy relationship with God. (Church is not about doing stuff for God, it's about doing stuff with him.)
Through your blood you have conquered the enemy and the grave. Not just forgiven our sin. Every strategy against us has been broken!
As we approach the throne of God, we need to declare what he's done for us. Not healed yet - declare healing! God you are my healer! Declare that Jesus is our doorway - God opens doors that no one can shut.
Through blood of Jesus I am sanctified. God speaks into our purpose - set apart so he can use us! When God speaks to our purpose, it shows that it's not a surprise that you are where you are right now, but speaks to your future.
God has taken us into his word

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