Ps Clinton Phillips 15th June 2014 (Matthew 6:5-5:13)

Clinton Phillips, June 15, 2014
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction - clean your room
Matthew 6:5-13 - the Lords Prayer
Catch up: Our father in heaven - our nourisher and supplier. Heaven speaks of air. My supply that is in the air that I breathe, hallowed be your name. Hallowed = acknowledge and become aware. God is teaching us not just a formula or life of prayer, but to be surrounded - our life is prayer. Everything that I am aware of is prayer. **Prayer is not just a side add-on to our christian experience.** We become aware of our father in the air that I breathe. Don't become like those guys that just keep repeating and repeating. God is saying become aware of my presence. Not a formula, not just rub the bottle, get the genie and three wishes - prayer becomes part of the atmosphere of my life.
Worship - a tool to help us. To bless = to finish. Wherever he puts his name, where his name is worshiped, I will come there and make it finished. eg peace - God says put my name there. Wherever my name is put and worshiped and honoured, that's where I will come. Build a life of prayer around who he is.
Judah. Yawd = upraised hand. Hebrew language picture words. Picture of windows. When I lift my hands, God opens the windows and the doors of heaven over your life. Honouring God's name. Flipside is Judas = worship becomes inward, betray the name of God, when we say to God "what I need is for you to help me". We need to shift our mindset. The generosity of God, is that when we worship him, he responds to us, opens the windows of heaven over our life.
The peace of God means wholeness.
Change our perspective, and our trial and trouble gives us a different view of God. Singing "army rising up", but got to be equipped, not just singing hollow words.
What are you building in secret?


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Matthew 6:5-5:13


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