Ps Clinton Phillips 29th June 2014 (Psalm 103:1-5, Matthew 6:10, 1 Corinthians 4:20, Romans 14:17-19, Hebrews 12:24, Philippians 4:6-7)

Clinton Phillips, June 29, 2014
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

TD Jakes quote - "when I change my position, I change my condition". Been resting for a while, but now there's movement happening here.
Psalm 103 - bless The Lord O my soul. Not "complain my soul", but bless! The writer of the psalm going through a tough time, but calls his soul to bless The Lord.
Recap The Lords Prayer - "our Father in heaven", "hallowed be your name". Wherever we declare God's name, he will dwell there.
Bless His holy name. The main point of the message today.
Can you do that in your life? your home? your work or church? Bless The Lord. When you drive out through langford, pray over the place, bless The Lord through this place.
Today - "...Thy kingdom come...". "This is how to". To understand the power and the name of Jesus, look at the names of God. We need to shift so that we carry the presence of God wherever we go. Atmosphere of prayer. Carry that on us, so that when we face something beyond our control, we bless God's Holy Name, and he comes there with his presence in that circumstance.
Don't forget God's benefits (Psalm 103). "Who forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases". Despite circumstances. The challenge is to stand on what God's word says, not on what we see. We have to push and battle through our physical and emotional life that says that God is not able. When we do that God will break through our circumstances, and transform our mind and heart! God wants to grow us and mature us so that we are not ruled by circumstance.
Joy is coming, we need to make a decision to receive that in Jesus name. Doesn't meant that your circumstances will be joyful.
Matt 6:10. "Your kingdom come, your will be done". Wherever the King is, that's where His Kingdom is. Perspective not something far off, something you're already doing, the kingdom of God coming into your situation. That's where God is ruling, where His power is, where his governance is.
1 Cor 4:20 - Kingdom of God is power. Not a matter of talk, but an empowered life. God is empowering your life. Just silly to try and do it on my own. When we carry the presence of God with us, it brings his kingdom with it. How does that look in our life? in our marriage? in our work?
Rom 14:17 - "Dunamis of God." Not a matter of eating and drinking, but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. About his divine truth over our thoughts and actions. Build on the name of God in secret. His divine truth overrides our thoughts and actions, that's the thing that's going to keep you. Move past your insecurities, habits, blame and shame. Build it in secret, so that when you say it and pray it, it is already inside you.
vs 19 pursue the things that edify one another. Give your life to God first and then he will change us.
Heb 12:24. It's because of the blood of Jesus, the kindness of God to lead us to repentance, that he puts his presence on us. Iceberg principle - much more beneath the surface, that God wants to be a part of - not just the superficial visible part, but every part of our life.
We can know the meaning of "clean our room" but we really need to do it. Likewise we need to stop talking about praying and actually pray!
Phil 4:6-7. Word peace in this passage in the Greek: Halumhabba - harmony with God. Be anxious for nothing, but with prayer and petition, make your requests known to God. And the peace of God will guard your hearts and minds. Paul's background - stoned, in prison, was able to write "be anxious for nothing"! The peace of God will be like a garrison around your heart. Letting the name of God encounter your situation.
Judah and Judas. Change from "about me" to "about God". God is moving us and shifting us toward himself.

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