Paul Mulroney 21st September 2014 (2 Corinthians 4:1-18)

Paul Mulroney, September 21, 2014
Part of the Visitor Speaker series, preached at a Sunday Morning service
  • Read 2 Corinthians 4.
  • vs1: The Good newss
  • vs2: The gospel is not our message
  • vs3,4: Gospel is sweet fragrance to those who are being saved. Prevenient Grace - God works on us before we even acknowledge him.
  • vs5: It's not about us. When you talk about the struggles and trials in your life, it's about speaking about the power of God operating in your circumstances
  • vs7:This precious treasure is within us so everyone can see that our glorious power is from God and not our own.
  • vs8,9: Never give up! We are being made into the likeness of Christ. Make a sculpture - chip away anything that shouldn't be there.
  • Painful process. Not easy to go through this. Don't give up!
  • Like physical fitness, also need spiritual fitness.
  • vs10: God is on display in our bodies
  • vs16,17:never give up. Balance light and momentary afflictions vs the weight of glory in heaven
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