Ps Clinton Phillips 19th October 2014 (1 Peter 1:13-17)

Clinton Phillips, October 19, 2014
Part of the A Life Of Love series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

1 Peter 1:13. Introduction. Living a life of love is beyond our emotions and feeling and senses, but of a deep trust in his word.
1. Gird up the loins = momentum, preparation for motion, get ready for action. Your mind = decision to choose to do God's will. If you want to live a life of love, then you need to prepare your mind for action.
2. Sober = don't be controlled by outside circumstances. Once you get inebriated, you are not in control anymore, open to things. Talking about self-control (not self-in charge!) Be determined to live a life that is right. When it comes to action, be a person of self control. Not only in the actions, but also the temptations that we face. If you give into temptations, then you are no longer in control, but it is in control of you.
Peter is helping us to become more Christ-like. Don't let outside circumstances rob you - what is God's word saying to you? There are going to be times where are not going to be in control, that's why you need the word of God, the discipline to press into God. Write God's word on your mind - talk about it during the day, when you first get up, when you go to bed. God has so much more that he wants to say to you, and through you, we need God's word in us - memorise it, write it down. Don't let Facebook be the only parts of the word of God that you get in your life. Believers should be directed from within, not without.
Don't allow your circumstance to direct your actions, let God's word lead you! Don't follow the fear of opposition, because in the midst of the storm, having Jesus in your life, you will get through it and accomplish everything God has for you. Don't quit! It's not something mystical, God is with us tangibly through his word. That is how he directs us and shows us. We are men and women called to be directed by God. We are led by what's on the inside of us. Let God place his word inside us! Don't just listen to the counsel of men, but go to God.
3. Be Holy. Fix your hope completely on the grace of God. Allow your life to conform to the holiness of God. Allow the word of God to influence our mind, so that we shift away from what we used to do. God has called us not be that way, start being someone who listens to the word of God and start doing it God's way. The lie of the enemy is that we are not good enough, but it was never about what we can do, but what God can do! The more we let the word of God soak into our lives, the more he strengthens us, that allows us to address that temptation, then we can speak into that situation. Take God's word, put it to memory, so that when I face opposition then not only do I put my will to it, but I can use my memory to bring that word.
vs17. Fear God. Not being afraid, talking about awe. If it doesn't please God, then don't do i! Have a conscience that's tender towards him.
Story about Matilda. God is knocking, wanting to come in. God doesn't care if the house is messy or broken down. God speaks to each of us "behold I stand at the door of your heart and knock". Psalm 119:105 - your word is a lamp to my feet, and a life to my path. Gives understanding to the simple. Talking about the value of God's word. It's that word that saves us and keeps us.


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