Ps Clinton Phillips 15th March 2015 (Romans 11:36, Genesis 45:8)

Clinton Phillips, March 15, 2015
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Going back, to go forward.
Rom 11:36. He holds all things together. In our body laminin - keeps everything together and functioning. Every part of your life is intended for God's glory. Your life is going to give God Glory.
Q: Do dogs like bones? Dogs love meat, but will settle for a bone. We were built to be healthy people, but if we are unhealthy emotionally it will affect us spiritually. If we're living a christian experience but we're not really getting anywhere, like an iceberg - on the surface one thing, but below the surface ... Have we just settled for the bone of our christian experience? have we heard the promises of meat, but have settled for less?
Going back, to go forward.
Putting on the old suit. When PC was 20Kg heavier.
What is it that we're carrying around with us from our past? Wake up with this weight on us, and we just joke about it, but through the word of God, God wants to help us to go back so we can go forward.
These bags that we're carrying contain shame abuse hurt rejection, anger. For a moment, God is saying to us - let's have relationship and work through it.
Story of Abraham and Sarah. Tells lie of Sarah is his sister. See it passed down through the generations - Isaac and Rebecca. Jacob lied, Jacob's children also lied about Joseph. History of favouritism down the generation. In the life of Joseph, favour on his life. Becomes Jacob's favourite.
What are the things in my family's history am I carrying? Testimony of Jesus in your life. Testimonies - who is the hero in these stories? Jesus! It's not the testimony of my life, but of Jesus. When we talk about our lives and history, it's not about your story, but about how Jesus can restore life into you and give you strength. God wants to create people who are healthy, so we can deal with it, give it to Jesus, not for us to carry it, but to give it over to Jesus. Jesus is the hero, the focus, the centre. We can't do it for you - only Jesus can!
Gen 37:
beavis(?) family model - level 5. Dysfunctional family, the adequate family, the optimal family. God is able to enter into our lives regardless of whatever level we're at, and can change our lives from the inside out. Look to Jesus - there's something bigger when we focus on Jesus - clarity in the chaos. Find Jesus - connect to Jesus. When you connect to Jesus, he renews, restores, rebuilds.
Gen 45: - short recap of Joseph's story. Gets to interpret Pharoh's dreams. Joseph had a lot of baggage, could've carried a lot of weight - family betrayed him, sold like a slave. He could have gone through every reason why he should be bitter, but says Gen 45:8 - it's not you who sent me here, but God. Even in your bitterness and disappointment, it's not surprise for God. Everything is held together by him, God is able to use that hell that we go through to prove a point. Your history, God is able to take all things and make all things good, heal and restore it, make it good even better than better. God where I am today, is because you know who I am. Who God has designed and orchestrated our lives.


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