Ps Clinton Phillips 22nd March 2015 (2 Corinthians 12:1-10, Romans 11:36, Isaiah 14:12-14, Genesis 1:1-26)

Clinton Phillips, March 22, 2015
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction - We're in a culture of convenience. If it's out of our comfort zone, then we pull back on things.
The weaker I am, the stronger I become. Looking at our weaknesses. In looking at our weaknesses, not a counselling session, but to look at areas in our lives where we have weaknesses and limitations, to change our point of view to see yourself totally differently. Coming out from being under the circumstances. See how God's power rests on our lives because of our weakness.
We don't want to show weakness. Hollywood plastic surgery. Story of man with withered hand. Jesus says "stretch out your hand". As he stretched out his withered hand, he was healed. As we stretch out those parts of our weakness to Jesus, in the presence of God, that's where His power is.
Worked in the disability sector. It trains you to see people. Not disabled people - just people, regardless of shape and ability. When you love people, and you see people, you'll do stuff because you won't be thinking about yourself, you'll be thinking about them. Gives you new perspective. eg Jon Phillips. Don't see disability - see brother. Not ask the question "why God".
In the chaos of our live, sometimes we just go "woe is me", rather than God saying "I want to show you something in your chaos that you wouldn't see if you didn't have this chaos in your life". What is God trying to get your attention about?
2 Cor 12:1-10 "My grace is sufficient for you". Paul talking about encounters with God. Paul doesn't brag about these encounters - he brags about his weakness. When you study about Paul - he had a visual problem. Because God's strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. God's strengths rest where we are weak.
If it's broke, don't fix it! Look at the "why" question - why am I here? What am I meant to do? What's my purpose here? God wants you and I to not be worried about what people think of us, or what we think of ourselves. "When purpose is misunderstood, abuse is imminent." For our lives, there have been times where people have not understood your purpose, and restricted you in some way. Used you for something you were not purposed for. People have just seen your talent and ability and not understood your purpose for them. We do that to ourselves - we don't see our purpose, we see our limitations! If we don't understand purpose, then abuse is imminent.
Story of diver.
Rom 11:36 - cheat sheet for life. "For of him and through him and to him are all things, to whom be glory forever". "Everything comes from him". Position. Business. Marriage. Job. Finance. Car. "And exists by His power" - everything comes from God. "And is intended for His glory" - Position - for God's glory. Business - for God's glory. Limitations - God's glory. The reason of our why is to give God glory. So that you won't be the victim of it.
Isa 14:12-14. Story of the fall of lucifer. Bitterness is pride. Self-pity. Comes from a place of pride. He was a reflector of God's glory. He would stand in the presence of God and reflect God's glory. But something on the inside of him got in the way, God cast him to earth. Earth becomes his prison, his punishment.
Gen 1:1. Enemy spent time on the earth, unable to create things, unable to change things. All of a sudden, God shows up. Let there be light.
vs 26. God said "let us make man in our image".
When God turns up and his spirit hovers, it reminds the enemy of his inability to do anything outside the will of God.
God formed and God breathed. When God came to creating man, he breathed. We're not going to be limited, he breathed into us life.


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