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Clinton Phillips, January 24, 2016
Part of the Sought Out series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Recap the last few weeks: then, now, next. Perseverance.
Isa 62:1-12. Context about Jerusalem - they were in captivity in Babylon. Isaiah declares this over them before they are released from their captivity. Seek God for a word for your life in 2016. Sometimes life is so busy, so noisy, that we can't hear. But God's word becomes a pathway through all that.
vs 1. "Because I love Zion." Symbolic with the city of Jerusalem. The city stands for the people of God. Isaiah becomes the "Chief Encouragement Officer" (CEO) of the people of God. The people of God are close to God's heart. Why don't we all become the CEO? We can choose the heart and spirit that encourages others. No matter where people are caught in - courage is needed to bring them out.
"I will not stop praying for her ..." CPO - Chief Praying Officer. Part of prayer and prophecy, language - he's already praying. Talking, telling, praying. Q from last year - "If we closed our doors, would anyone miss us?". Second Q - "if my prayer life was food, how often would I be eating?". Listen to the heart of Jesus - "I will not stop praying for you".
vs 6,7 "Give God no rest until He establishes it". Keep seeking God until he establishes it! Q: What promises has God given you that haven't been fulfilled yet? The watchmen - the people who intercede for the the life of this church. God has given it to each and every one of us, to pray for this church. He wants to establish things in our world, but they're only going to happen through prayer. God is inviting us to give him no rest - picture of the new testament of knocking on the door and keep on praying. Become a person who gives God no rest. Set aside time to be in His presence! "God we hunger for you, we are seeking you, we want more of you in our lives!".
Prophetic word - "dam overflow" Mundaring weir. "What do you see?" One side lots of water, birds diving, dammed up with the wall. Maybe we've dammed up all our emotions and stuff in our life, because we've been hurt or whatever. God will you break through and open that up! The flip side - the other side of the wall, dirty pool, dry runoff area. Begin to pray for the overflow. If there was overflow, then it wouldn't be dry, it would be green. We've learnt to live with so little - but God wants so much for us! He has so much more for us, to overflow in our lives!

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