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Clinton Phillips, February 28, 2016
Part of the In Him series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Prayer Establishes things. This is what God is saying to us as a church: pray! Recap last week: sometimes we feel disconnected. Take the initiative to reconnect. Don't let anger and resentment prevent us from connecting to others. Establish connection through prayer.
Isa 62:7
Tried and tested/trusted/true. Recipes, makeup, vehicles. Significant leaders step into your world to mentor you. Jesus was tried and tested - people healed, people delivered. Jesus stands alone above every other leader, and his invitation stands for him to come into our world - this year, will you come and follow me? Counsel, strengthen, speak to you, deliver you, heal you, be there for you, never forsake you - this is the promise that Jesus offers us. Jewish culture, learning the Torah from ages 2-12, 13-19, 19-30. Know the old testament inside and out. 1% people made it through to become a rabbi. Sit at the feet of the rabbi and said "I will be like you - how you walk, write etc". "Let the dust of the rabbi be apon you". Then the rabbi would say "come, follow me". Difference with Jesus - when He says "Come, follow me" - matthew 4:19. Andrew and Simon didn't make the grade - they were fishermen. God qualifies those people who aren't qualified. Not on how much we have achieved, or how much we know. Jesus says "follow me" - invitation, and I will make you fishers of men - transformation.
Jesus says "would you follow me, because I'm going to make you ...". These guys dropped everything - their livelihood, family, everything - but Jesus comes over the top of everything and says "follow me". Jesus, because of grace, because of his mercy comes to us and say "follow me", because he is the one who can lead us out of where we are. Jesus wants to take us into the supernatural - above the natural, above the circumstance, the situation. I know in myself that I'm not qualified, but I'm going to follow God. Q: God where are you leading me?
John 12:26 - whoever serves me must follow me. Q: who are we following today? Who/What is demanding us to follow them today?
John 14:23,24 If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, my father will love him. One of the ways we love him is by keeping his word. Invitation for each and everyone of us. God says "I will move in"
Psalm 18:27-28. You will save the humble people ... you will light my lamp. Q: What's been trying to blow out your lamp? God is going to be the one to light our lamp, and cause it to shine!
Psalm 18:29-30 I can run through a troop and leap over a wall. Picture of taking ground - a fortified city with a troop outside the gates. With the momentum of God in my life, I can overcome this!

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