Lisa Whittle 25th September 2016 ()

Lisa Whittle, September 25, 2016
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

"What is it?"
Study on the tabernacle. Manna. What is God asking of you? Meme: What have you brought me lately? Provision. Giving and receiving.
Personal story - a "what is it" moment.
Exodus 16:14 -this is the bread that the Lord has given you to eat. Ex 16:4 - God said he would rain bread down from heaven. They were disobedient, but God was going to provide for them anyway. The quantity of food required to feed the people - about 2 million people, trainloads required! Could only gather for the day, on the sixth day take a double portion. Specific on God's instructions. If they tried to collect double on another day had maggots, if they tried to collect on the seventh day, nothing. This food outside their tent every morning.
Could think "they're silly - how could they not provide for them?" If someone were to read our book, would they say of us "you're so silly - can't you see God's provision?". God is providing for us right now!
We're always wanting more, always looking back, and we never see God's provision in our time. Like the Israelites, looking back to Egypt.
God is bringing us forward, but we can't move forward if we're looking back.
Phil 3:13,14. Forgetting the past, and looking forward to what lies ahead.
Jesus is available to us at all time! Throughout our day, but we have to seek him every day! He's right outside our tent. We need to reach out to him.
Reading the word, praying, in worship, interceding. We need to be daily filled with God.
If all you see is food and not provision, you'd think "how can I eat this every day?", but it's more than just food - it's provision of God in our lives.
Story on fasting. 40 day fast. The idea wasn't to focus on food, but to be focussed on prayer and worship. For that time, and that place.
Now it's time to focus on God, what he's asking you what to do now, not something of the past but of the present and future.
What has God provided for you? What is at your doorstep right now?
Don't let our lives be this book where we're looking back on God's faithfulness - he's providing for us now!
If they didn't step out of the tent, they would starve. Had to step out. Only just outside their tents.


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