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Clinton Phillips, October 16, 2016
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

John 17 - the prayer that Jesus prayed for each and everyone of us. You are the literal answer to the prayer that Jesus prayed. Jesus intercedes for us every day. There's a support in prayer, a strength that comes when people pray for you. Strengthen, encourages, lifts up. Jesus is praying for you! It's going to be fine, it's going to be OK, there's going to be breakthrough. We are sons and daughters, and move from a mindset of orphans, into being sons and daughters of God. He loves you just the same! He sacrificed Jesus so he could love you - Speaks about your worth and value, not just about our guilt and shame, wiped away in the love that God has for each and every one of us.
John 17:1-3. This is eternal life: that they may know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ.
Vs 4-5 Jesus has glorified God on the earth, finished the work which you have given him to do.
Story about wedding - in the armed services. Story about abseiling - do your task, but look out for others. If you don't do your task, others may die as a result.
Verses in context - 24 hours before Jesus is crucified, coming up to crunch time. Jesus is having this conversation with his heavenly father - I have completed the work you gave me to do. I'm coming home, this is it - this is what we've been working for all this time. This next 24 hour period will change all of history.
Vs 20-23. My prayer is not for them alone (the 12 disciples, the 72 etc), but for all those who will believe. That all will be one, and in us, that the world may believe that you have sent me. Knowing what he has to face, he begins to pray for you and me - that's how important it is to the heavenly father. That we are so wrapped up in the love of God, in him. I have given them the glory that you gave me. May they be brought to complete unity.
Vs 24. I want those you have given me that they may be with me. I want them to come see heaven, see your glory, see your presence. Sometimes we think that God saved us to live right lives, but part of his heart is that we will be with him. In this journey he is with us, but in heaven we are with him. He wants us to understand our value to him. It's indescribable, how much he loves you. The enemy condemns, but God loves you intensely. God wants nothing more than for you to be with him. That sense of home, belonging, desired.
I pray that they will be one - united. Jesus prays for us to be united together. Why didn't he pray for our finances? Our marriage? The struggles we go through? Deeper knowledge? If Jesus met with you right here, right now and asked you what could he pray for you, what would you ask for?
The pyramids. Great social meaning. More than just the royal tombs, represented dignity, wealth, power. National project. Everyone was involved in some way shape or form. The final step of the program was to place a capstone encased in gold at the completion of the project. The irony is that the pyramids built egypt, and brought them together with a common purpose and goal.
This week, pray for other people who will believe. Pray for souls to come to faith. Start with the foundation of prayer. Our contribution, is that we pray for people's souls. Jesus prayed for all who believed. Into the future, into generations, not only our kids, but our kid's kids. Everything is established in prayer. Stop looking at the natural way, Jesus has given us a strategy to pray. Jesus is already praying for his disciples, but now praying for unsaved.
Jesus praying that we are one as God the Father and Jesus are one. That's a prayer for us - that we are one. Not all "happy clappy", but that we like each other. Everything that Jesus spoke, came into life. He is already speaking to us as a prayer. Get in love with God, then God's love will get into you, and you'll love others. Not get caught up in hurt, but we can love with a common purpose. The Holy Spirit anoints us and gives us the power to do this!
But in order to do that, we need to lay down our pride, our rights. Jesus could have said "I'm not going to the cross - I could call down 10,000 angels to set me free." He's about to lay down his life, so this prayer can be answered.
When we're united, the world will know. Jesus is on this quest for everyone to know him.


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