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Dave Ryder, October 23, 2016
Part of the Visitor Speaker series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Langford church is significant in this area. History. You are placed here, on purpose, to get the job done. God chose you to be here and now. This is where you perfectly fit.
Entering into things. Observation - we're good at getting out of messes, but it's harder to enter into the new things that God has for us. We need to pray about how to enter into the new things that God has for us.
Numbers 13:31-33. There are giants in the land, and we look like grasshoppers.There is a need for upgrade and re-invention in everything. Every 7-11 years. Work, home, church. Causes you to change the mould and become something you. The next thing in this church is completely dependant on the next you. Why don't we have the opportunity? It's because we're not ready for it. Don't get jealous of other people's opportunities - champion them!
The next big thing is you - there's a you you haven't even met yet. We aren't the same people we were. A more powerful, peaceful you! God wants to introduce us to the new - the new you. You see things differently! There's a posture you walk into.
There are a lot of people who never step into what's next - the new. There are habits, character flaws, people around us that have a vested interest in seeing us remaining the same. There are demons who want to make sure that C3L stays within the walls of the church.
Story of healing in Mark - "Get up and walk"! Not the son of God - Son of man - reference to Daniel 7, Yahweh.
God extends grace to sinners. Our acceptance of people doesn't me we endorse their lifestye. We want to be light of the world - you need to be salt of the earth first. Story of the woman at the well. He commends a roman soldier for his faith. The resurrection of Jesus was not a myth that evolved over time - it was front and center - over 500 people saw the resurrected Jesus Christ. Historians cannot deny the life and death of Jesus, and they can't deny that all his believers believed that God raised him from the dead.
We are to be salt, light, leven. He gave us the great commission. We have the Holy Spirit in us. We have ministering angels surround us. We have prayer. If all of this is true, then we can stand here with boldness and say "there is a new you".
There is always something dwelling in the shadows of our heart, that try to prevent us from moving forward.
Numbers 13 - critical moment. In this moment, God comes and says "I want you to do something new". He doesn't say "Do something you've always done". When we do something new, that's when things come out of the shadows to stand in the way. We need to recognise that Israel - all they have ever done is exited! Book of Exodus - departure - exit. If we're ever in a situation, God has an exit for us. But God says we cannot live our entire life in the book of exodus - there's 65 other books! Story of Moses
Leaders live in the terrain of ambiguity. If you have a leader, you need to support that leader. The tip of the arrow is where it gets blunt, because it goes first. Honor leadership, because you'll never know what they're going through.
Exodus 14:15 - God says "Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Isrealites to move out". Moses forgot what God has given them for the journey. The tool of what God's given you is the tool that will get you out of there. Use what I gave you.
Master of the exit strategy - part the red sea. They crossover in the wilderness. Here's Israel's dilemma - they know how to exit. The issue is not how they saw God - it was how they saw themselves. Something came out of the shadows that says "You're not good enough". How many years are you going to keep going around the mountain? We need to change our prayer - from "how do you get me out of here", to "how do we get into that?"
We're going to have opportunity to move into something new. When that happens, what are you going to do with the grasshoppers in your life?
The need for businesses to do good. Then God will tell you to step out to something new. The grasshoppers are going to come out - anticipate it!


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