Paul Mulroney 6th November 2016 ()

Paul Mulroney, November 6, 2016
Part of the Visitor Speaker series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction - Your Story
Stories create images in our minds. God uses pictures to help us see, learn and apply truth in our lives.
Luke 8:4-15
All the parables that Jesus used were based in people's everyday lives. If Jesus told parables today, what would they be? Parable of the mobile phone. Parable of the radio station.
vs 5. A farmer went out to sow his seed. A farmer's job is to sow crops. We are spiritual farmers - we sow the seed!
The seed is the word of God. Heb 4:12
Where does the seed land?
- vs 5 On the path. It never gets a chance to take root in our hearts. If we have a hard heart toward God, then when the word of God is sown in us, it has no place to land
- vs 6 On the rock. Any sort of stress, and it uses up all it's strength and dies. The rocks represent those parts of our lives we haven't given up to God - rebellion, disobedience, self will, anger. When hard times come, we are not tapped deeply into the resources that God has for us, and we shrivel up under the heat and pressure.
- vs 7 Among the thorns. Weeds grow up fast! If we left it alone we'd be overrun with weeds. If we don't cultivate the word of God growing in our lives, and we let the worries, riches and pleasures of life crowd in, it chokes out the life of God in us.
- vs 8 in good soil. If our heart is open to God, if we have broken up the rocks in our lives, if we have pulled out the weeds, then we produce a crop hundredfold return.
Where are we in this story? What is the state of our heart?

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