Ps Ian Christenden 3rd December 2017 ()

Ian Christensen, December 3, 2017
Part of the Visitor Speaker series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

2 Chr 15:1-19. - A time of great revival.
Vs14 - "the land is still ours because we have sought the Lord".
Prophesied over the king, if you will seek him, you will find him.
Story about tennis career. Words came to him 'seek and you will find'. In this passage, highlighted. vs 3 - for a long time, Israel had been without God. Israel was God's people, but God wasn't among them!
Story of Korean church - could not feel his presence among his people. Difference between Omnipresence and manifest presence. What changes lives is God's manifest presence. Israel's problems began because they would not seek the Lord. King Saul - even in his problems he would not seek the Lord.
Vs 5. No peace, great turmoil. Without teaching, without the Word. Lots of problems among God's people.
Vs 8. He dealt with the things that stopped people from seeking the Lord. Sacrifice on the altar, offering would go up as the presence of God came down. We don't sacrifice bulls anymore, but we still sacrifice. We are called to give up spiritual sacrifices to the Lord. Whenever there is a sacrifice offered up, there is a response from the Lord.
What is an idol today? Anything in our life that's more important to you is an idol. They dealt with the idols!
Vs 12. Entered into a covenant to seek the Lord. Took it so seriously, that if you didn't show up, you'd be dead!
Vs 14. All Judah rejoiced at the oath. The Lord gave them rest on every side. Christians today have so many needless problems because they don't seek the Lord. It's a biblical principle that if you seek him you will find him. Like working out at the gym - not always enjoyable, but you reap the benefits afterwards! Not always good.
Message - challenge: Try to spend one hour a day with God, every, day. Start small and work up. When you have a prayer life, it's visible in the spirit world. Make prayer the number 1 priority in your life! Something supernatural happens when we spend an hour a day with God.
Yonggi Cho "God has created us in such a way that we need to know the purpose and benefit of something if we're going to be motivated to do it".
2 Chr 26:5 as long as he sought the Lord, God gave him success.
2 Chr 16:12 King Asa started well, but didn't finish well because he stopped seeking the Lord.


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