Skye Burcham 21st January 2018 ()

Skye Burcham, January 21, 2018
Part of the Questions series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction - the questions that Jesus asked. Recap last two weeks.
This week: Whom do you seek? John 18:1-7.
Jesus knows what's to come, and what happens after this passage. Seek means to go in search of, looking for the truth of who Jesus is. Are we keeping God at a distance, or are we seeking Jesus first in everything we do and say. Riverview message - aspirational priorities vs actual priorities. Aspirational priorities are the ones that you tell other people, but actual priorities are the ones that we spend time and money. Apirational: work, church, family. God first, then family. If you look at your time. Eg battery usage on the phone - facebook! Work first, Netflix/tv shows that we watch, social media, candy crush ... where you spend your time is your actual priority.
Primary pursuits: wealth, control, fame, recognition, significance, happiness? What's your main agenda? Sometimes we come to church not to seek out Christ, but for peace, comfort, friends, belonging. If you don't put God first in that, people will let you down.
Seek God in every aspect of our lives! Pete - put God first in business. What does it look like? Not doing dodgy things, not going behind people's backs. Yet, put God first, and God blesses the business, doing well.
Matt 6:31-33 Don't worry about what to eat, drink, wear. But seek first the kingdom of God. Don't worry - if you seek God first, he'll take care of the rest.
What does it look like when the chips are down, and it's not easy to follow God? Story of pregnacy. Giving up control to God isn't easy.
You are a child of God, you can have that belonging, he'll never let you down - you need to seek him first!
Psalm 63:1 You God, are my God. I thirst for you in a dry and parched land... We are to be like we are in a desert, and he is the water. Not just about seeking God when you're in a tough situation, but seeking God in everything
Phil 3:7-11. I want to know Christ ... Jesus wants us to long for him. Beside Christ, everything else in our life is rubbish. Seeking God doesn't mean that everything will go your way, but you'll have peace in your heart, no matter what happens.
Make a plan to spend time with God, and stick with it! God will reveal himself to you more and more each day.

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