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Clinton Phillips, May 27, 2018
Part of the Transformation series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction - Father heart of God
We know Jesus, we know the Holy Spirit, but sometimes we miss the father-ness of God, because it is filtered through our experience of our father. About who God is - when we have a picture of God, we can change that orphaned spirit, that orphaned mindset.
Story of orphanage. There are thousands of orphanages across Australia, meet every sunday - it's called church. Sometimes we don't receive the same as others, and our heart closes up. Thought "if we do enough, we will please him and he will love me". But today God wants to touch us in our heart.
Rom 8:14-16. You have recieved the spirit of full acceptance. You will never feel orphaned. Our spirit joins him in saying words of tender affection: Beloved Father. Good father. Talks really loud in the corridors of our lives. It's the Holy Spirit in you that will bring it to reality. If we never think it or believe it, it will never happen. The Holy Spirit makes God's fatherhood real to us. You are God's beloved child.
Holy Spirit walks alongside you every day. There's a book recorded about our life. The reason for the intercession, we are children of God - he is our father God, and by the Spirit of God wants to reveal that to us. I am a child of God, I live like one, I look like one, I do like one. How often do we feel like we aren't one? But God's Holy Spirit whispers to us "you are God's beloved child".
Fatherlessness in our community. Stats: Most harmful demographic trend in this generation. Parental absence.
Not about the way things are, but about making things better. God is about restoring us, not condemning us. He's the heart that loves us so much that says "I am the God that's going to be there for you".
John 14:18. I will never leave you or abandon you. The difference between orphan and non-orphan is the father. An orphan was seen if there no dad there, even if there was a mother and siblings. Dad was the one that was there for you.

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