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Murray Newman, June 17, 2018
Part of the Visitor Speaker series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Download: One building different congregations. The future of the church, how it will operate in the future. This church is called to influence, which has nothing to do with numbers. God always uses the one, like the woman at the well - brought the whole city out to Jesus. Daniel who served 5 kings and caused godliness to rule in the earth. It's the one person who knows their purpose who can change the world. Going to reach the "down and outs", and the "up and outs". Wealth just covers disfunction. Eg alcoholic, rich or poor causes the same problems. What we're doing in this community is no different to any other community. Praise is going to go up in this place. A person bound by drugs and abuse, got completely saved in C3L, so much so that their worship is so powerful because they are truly thankful for what Jesus has done for them. Not going to be enough room in this place. Going to grow by the one. One a week = 52/year. Two years time grown by 105. Just by one! Celebrate the one! The one that is brought in. Immense favour, supernatural favour on us. We have to learn to step into that. We have favour with God and man. God enables people to see you as He sees you. Imagine if people saw our insecurities and failures, but God makes it so that people only see what God wants them to see. Everything and nothing less - God gives us everything and nothing less. Get a revelation of God that he is giving us everything. The life that we now live is His.
Prophecy over PC. Saw pastors breaking the point at which the chain is connected - the root of their bondage. People coming in, still wearing their chains, but free!
Message today is an old message.
1 Tim 6:12 - Fight the good fight of faith. Lay hold on eternal life. Jesus came so that we wouldn't struggle. Life and life to the full. Life can be a fight - not as in effort or struggle. Eg stand in the boat - it's a struggle, establishing where you want to be. Having done all to stand (Ephesians 6). Living for, fighting from, establishing victory. Jesus has conquered you, all of your sin, now he's getting rid of all the rebels. You're already His, and he's making sure you're all His. Who's the best fighter in the bible? David? Look at the life of David.
1 Sam 17. (David kills Goliath). Three stages, battles in life. You're in a fight right now - either gaining ground or losing ground. There's no vacuum. Either God rules in certain areas of your life, or he's not. David hasn't killed Goliath yet, but this is what qualifies him to face Goliath. Goliath was bred to be this champion, since he was a boy to be big and intimidating. Trained how to use mental warfare. Full-on the enemy, and good at it. David gets this opportunity to speak - because of favour, speaks to Saul the king:
1 Sam 17:32-36. Let no man's heart fail because of him (Goliath)... he has defied the armies of the living God. The Lord has delivered me ... so he will devlier me from this Philistine.
First - the battle for ourselves. You have to go into battle for yourself. David - noone knew him. Backstory - David was the illegitimage son of Jesse. Obviously not from mum. Put in the back of the wilderness, hoping that a lion or bear would kill him. A lot of stuff to overcome! Lions - things that have ruled our lives, our families, generation after generation. What's the thing that's trying to rule you? Bears - things that hibernate, just sit there until they wake up! Unsecurities, anger, fear. How do you beat that Lion or Bear? The church needs discipleship! Do you know how to overcome what's being trying to overcome you? Overcome addiction, pride? How to forgive? Jealously? David knew what to do when a lion or bear came at him. You'll have every opportunity in life to get hurt. A problem is only a problem if you don't have a solution. You'll have people neglect you and hurt you - do you know what to do with being overlooked? Have lack? When you get intimidated? You better find out! You're in the fight for yourself. Story of pig hunting. You have you learn how to kill the lion and bear. Whatever you hide you give power. If you reveal it, it loses power, deliverance. You have to learn to win the battle for yourself. Jesus is in the battle with you - he wants you to be free! You are supposed to be accountable for your struggles. Be accountable for our success!
Immediately after the battle is the next battle - the battle for others. 1 Sam 22:1-2 - David is now in exile as a mercenary, because King Saul never managed to win the fight for himself - always lived in fear. David accidentally plants a church. When you don't live for people anymore, when you live to Jesus - the freest people that there are! Doesn't mean that we're not submitted to people, just that we're no longer intimidated by people. See things completely differently. When you are like that, people who are insecure wants to come to you. The battle for others. This building is not for us - it's for others! When you run a connect group, you vacuum the house! You invite 10 people, three turn up! You keep doing it, and then you get drawn into the battle - it's the fight for others. Fight all the way! It is no holds barred! You can't do that until you get the first one - you can only give what you've got. Work on your stuff! Work on what Jesus highlights! God will bring you to people, the very struggles that you're ashamed of, the same struggles that they have. God turns your mess into your message. 400 men, families with no running water or sanitation. No one wants to be there, they all hate one another, all want David's attention.
2 Sam 23:20 - little outlines for blockbuster movies. Money's not the problem, ideas are the problem. A whole list of David's mighty men - the whole 400 men. Those men became folklore - at the end of their lives, never paid for a meal or drink, honoured. David's personal bodyguard. They had learnt how to do the fight themselves. David fought 60 battles in his life - unscathed. No injury. Won them all. Almost all of them for others. Picture David around the campfire - killing Goliath was easy, once I learned this from God... Where most of us see a problem - wow! I'm glad that didn't happen to me; He jumps into that situation, and says "I'm going to kill you!" Jumps into a pit and kills the lion - practice. David was teaching people how to fight the fight for themselves.
The great commission is not to attend church, it's to make disciples. Most of the revelation that God gives to me, is for someone else, to help someone. Lifesaves - you have to be able to swim for two. Have to be able to fight for two. David takes these nobodies, losers. Even as old men, they were still feared and honoured and respected. David's mighty men - one of those men is as good as 100 men. Because they know how to fight for others. You can do this - we can do this! We are engaged in the fight for others. When you are dealing with people in distress, people act terrible when they're in pain. Do you know how to overcome that?
Last battle - for the future. For our dream, and everything that we fought for, to give this to someone else.
1 Chr 22:5 David had a dream. One of the names of Jesus is son of David. God does not see your mistakes! He sees your heart! He always speaks to your heart, your motive. David said you've done so much for my house - you put me in a palace. My sons and daughters are known as princes and princesses. All the battles that he'd been through. David wants to build God a house. I want to build you a house on that hill, make your house right alongside my house. God says "No, you cannot do it". David says "OK, then can I do this? Can my son do this? Can it still happen? I just don't get to do it". God says "Yes".
James 2:3 Your motive is to treat everyone equally - everyone is honoured. God speaks to your heart.
The battle for the future. You will fight for what you love. Want to love someone? Start praying for someone. Destiny is always wrapped up in a people. When you start praying for people, you will fall in love with them. Enemies - pray for them! Then you'll start to love them.


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