Ps Kelvin Phillips 30th December 2019 ()

Kelvin Phillips, December 30, 2018
Part of the Visitor Speaker series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Whatever you use to measure, will be measured back to you. Giving above your means, from a place of seeing the needy. As you measure at that level, God will measure back to us. Whatever we sow, that we will reap. In purpose, in divine accomplishment, in acceleration.
A counsel rather than a preaching.
Psalm 31:5. Jesus quoting David on the cross. David speaking out of the moment of betrayal from his son Absolom. “Into your hands I commit my spirit.”
Luke 23:46. 7 sayings of Christ on the cross - the seventh saying. “Into your hands I commit my Spirit”.
Part of every year, life. Life is filled with this. Gathering of pain, working of pain, pain has many faces, many stories. Has a power to it, can paralyse you at any moment. Where you see the gathering and working of pain in the bible, you see the result of pain - a download of divine power to newness. Pain becomes the pathway to newness. You don’t need to be afraid of the pain, out of new something is going to be born, being revealed. Masterpiece being painted through the pain of our life. New thought, new strategy, new life out of the pain.
A Cross crisis! The crisis of the cross brings Jesus to this point - into your hands I commit my spirit.
Expect newness to appear in 2019 - about to spring forth in Jesus name.
The Cross crisis - Look at the hands used to touch, heal, multiply, bring disciples - those same hands are now nailed to the cross. Use hands to build. Bless the work of your hands.
Feet also nailed. Feet that are used to move into position, accomplish purpose, dance with, negotiate with. In a Cross crisis, feet are nailed.
Back, used to carry the weight and burden. People who have ability to carry the house, the vision. When a body is going through a Cross crisis, nailed in the hands and feet, but also stripped in the back. The ability to carry the weight has been taken away. So you can’t feel like you can carry anything.
Side is split. Relational side. Split by a spear. Out of the side of Christ, the church is birthed. Relationships. When going through difficulties, feels like side has been pierced, and relationships are difficult. The body goes through that. What do you do with a side split? Pierced by confusion and double mindedness.
Hands nailed, feet nailed, back stripped, head pressure, side split. But couldn’t touch his mouth - out his mouth he spoke 7 things. A picture of how our prayers, relationship and engagement with God born out of our human side, and our divine side.
- Forgive them for they don’t know what they’re doing. Don’t take baggage of grudges into 2019.
- Today you will be with me in paradise. I see a future for you that you don’t see yourself. You see yourself like a thief on the cross, but today you will be with me in paradise.
- Woman, behold your son (talking to John). He has family, dealing with family issues on the cross. No longer live with your natural sons. From that moment on Mary lived at John’s house.
- Sometimes there is a thirst that God creates. God says I will fill you if you are thirsty. Sometimes the church isn’t thirsty enough.
- It is finished. Not another tear, not another cry. Referee, in overtime, but when he blows the whistle. It is done - you can’t score another goal against me. In a Cross crisis, you can use your mouth - it is finished!
As a church that it is vital that we commit our spirit into the hand of God. We are in a world that can so easily slip into the church - self reliant, self-determined.


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