Ps Sheldon Phillips 27th January 2019 ()

Sheldon Phillips, January 27, 2019
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Eph 2:10 - we are the workmanship of God. We are His divine masterpiece! He creates a masterpiece for a purpose.
1. Thankful for divine relationships, divine connections. The influence and impact. There is power in the connections and relationships that God brings to you in the church. Where 2 or 3 are gathered, there I am. Where we gather, it is a magnet to His presence. God is doing a divine thing. Prov 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, one person sharpens another. Use those connections to spark your life into that next level. Ecc 4:9 two are better than one ... if one falls down, the other can help him up. Something powerful when we come together and we are unified. You can be that for someone else.
2. Thankful for not quitting the process, not giving up when times got tough. There are times when we are going to be challenged. Psalm 92:12-13 Something about being planted and connected, putting the roots down in the house. If God is calling you to be a part of this, put your roots down. Don’t be moved when times get tough. God has planted you, God will bring fruit in your life. Say “yes” to God - whatever it is he has for your life. But, all of that wouldn’t have happened if you quit the process. Don’t give up on God, because God never gives up on you.
3. Thankful opportunity to serve in this church. Roll up sleeves and get involved. Find your place, find your connect, get into it! Power and fulfilment as you serve, give yourself over to God. Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be given as well. Something happens when we serve God, planted, connected. Like bamboo, dont’ see anything visible, but under the surface, making connections. Not about recognition, but about serving God. Bring glory to God, give your life over to him. Come with that attitude of how can I serve.
4. Thankful for God’s faithfulness, His presence. Nothing is possible without Him. When we step out, God is with us. When we go through the valley, he is with us. Are you going to feel comfortable all the time? No! Is God going to be with you? Yes!
Say yes to God in you life!


About Sheldon Phillips: Youth pastor of C3 Langford
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