Ps Clinton Phillips 10th February 2019 ()

Clinton Phillips, February 10, 2019
Part of the Shift series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

David was a shepherd who took on lions and bears. Our view of God will determine a lot about our life, what we see and what we do. Walk through the valley of the shadow of death. A bad diagnosis, how do we respond? Story Anton. God says I am the shepherd that will walk with you - we are not alone because God is with me. When we feel lost or grief, God is with us so we can walk through that situation. You were know by God before the foundations of the earth. God has called you into this house.
Isa 49:8-10. In the time of my favour I will answer you, (this time is now!) Look at the “I will” of God. When I’m crying out for the answer, God will answer us. He answers us with His word. The words of Jesus will be spoken out and will accomplish everything He set for it to do (Isa 55:12). God is speaking, can we tune into his hearing?
Vs 8 I will help you, I will keep you, I will make you. Has God made us a covenant for our community? Our marraige? Our workplaces? Covenants are binding. Reference point is Jesus Christ. Even if death comes, He’ll raise it. God will make a way. God will make a covenant with his people. That’s why we came to faith. Binding, like a marraige. Reaches out to that person. The “I will” of God says that I will make you that person who reaches out and includes others instead of excluding others from God. Belonging and acceptance.
Covenant to his people, to restore the land. God says “I want you to restore people’s lives”, make you this people that restores people. Time of your favour, Kairos moment, the appointed time. This is your moment. God knows our times, seasons, etc, He chose that time he was born. He knew my time, and the journey that resulted in where we ended up today.
Eg Planning for wedding, buying things, lead up to the event. At a specific time, that moment when you walk down the aisle and marry the one you love. God is saying to us, this right now, is your time. There has been a preparation, payment, sacrifice, diet, fittings, whatever it takes, to get to that moment where you stand before that person to marry them - this is their appointed time. For us, this is the appointed time for the people he made covenant with.
God is saying to you and I - build your life on your word.
Isa 49:9 Understand, I am giving you to be covenant with people. This is the time. We are God’s way of reaching out to the world around us. Restore the land, recover the inheritances, say to the captives “Come out!”
Reassign those things that are desolate in your life. Bring the rain of God apon you. God will make a way. This is the time right now.
God wants to send you and me.
Matt 4:4 Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word from the mouth of God.


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