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Richard McAllister, March 10, 2019
Part of the Visitor Speaker series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduce Ps Richard from Hillside church
Last at C3L in 1990 during Toronto blessing.
Prophetic word for youth: Millie, Jeremy. Ps Clinton.
Creative living - Receiving a new paradigm
Picture - see an image two ways. Creative living is about four things
1. Dignity - believing in the affirmation of God.
Matt 13:44-46 Parable of the hidden treasure and the pearl of great price. Parallelism - metaphore repeated in a different way to reinforce. Who is the treasure? Jesus?
What did it mean for those it was written for? What does it mean to us? What is God saying personally?
“Sold everything to buy it” -> the word redeem. You are the pearl of great price, treasure in the field. What did you have as a slave of sin to sell in order to buy Jesus? But He found you and I hidden in the field. He purchased us. If Jesus is the pearl and we have to sell everything to get Him, then we will fail - we are striving and will never get there. We are never worthy enough, so we start judging other people. But there is no judgement in Christ, we don’t have to prove, we don’t have to strive to please God. If we strive to please, then we rebel.

Understanding who you are in Christ.
(When we do arise and build, we’re following in the footsteps of the history of this church)

2. Mastery - Living in God’s freedom.
Gen 1:26-28. Let us create man in our own image. We’re not the tail, we’re the head. We have been created to rule, kings and queens under God. We are not made to be slaves. To understand the nature of God’s rule, we turn to Jesus. How did Jesus rule on earth? God rules like Jesus. Jesus is the Lord of the Lord, who came not be served, but to serve. Mark 10:45. Jesus is God’s servant. Serves God by serving us. Jesus loves his father by loving us. He reveals his identity by washing the disciples feet. John 13:3-8. Peter says you will never wash my feet. Jesus says you won’t understand now, but later you will. If I do not wash you, you have no part in me. If you have made Jesus Lord of your life, to submit to his lordship is not “I pray, I read the word, I lead youth group”, it’s to allow Him to serve you. Peter resists, but Jesus says you must - let him wash your feet, allow God to touch you where you are vulnerable. Allow God to clean up the vulnerable areas of our lives without excuses - that’s submission. Luke 12:35-37 Be ready for Christ’s return. Come as a triumphant king. Vs 37 - he (God) will gird himself and have them sit at his table and he will come and serve them. He will serve his bride.
1 Cor 15:24-28 The son rules by submitting to the Father.
How do we make him Lord? We submit to him serving us. Got to allow him to serve me and bless me.

3. Community - Loving as we have been loved by God.
Forgiveness. Is forgiveness a transaction, or is it transformational?
Matt 6:14-16 if you do not forgive, your father will not forgive
Col 3:13 Forgive as the Lord forgave you.
If it’s transactional, then I’m expecting that the other person will do their side of the deal. Sometimes we have a transactional life. We look at these as requirements, rather than responses. Forgive as you have been forgiven. Forgiveness means to release.
Transactional means “I forgive, but I expect you to do your part”.
Transformational means “I forgive you” - it doesn’t matter of the other party, I’ve released their debt from the Lord. Your healing cannot depend on them - but that Jesus forgave us. “I release you from any debt that you have toward me”. I’m putting my life in the hands of the Father.

4. Spirituality - participating in the triune life of God.
Q: Would Jesus still have come to earth if Adam and Eve had not sinned and there was no sin in the world?

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