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Murray Newman, March 24, 2019
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction - prophetic is speaking on God’s behalf. The job of the prophetic is to empower God’s people to prophesy. New season for C3L - power evangelism. Prophesying over people and bring them in a new way.
Recognising what God is doing with who. Treat every person like a believer. Like they already know God - they’re going to know God!
John 15:9-13. So the Father has loved me, I have loved you...I told you so that your joy may be complete. Joy we need to bring back to the church. Most people think that we’re killjoys, but this is the opposite of the truth. Joy, not happiness. Happiness is circumstantial. As believers we know joy - this is a fruit of the spirit, a manifestation of God. Story of comedian. We have joy in us beyond our capacity. It’s like every other thing in God - it’s a choice. Our joy comes from belonging, because we’re loved.
Babies before they can talk, already know if they belong or not. Terrible twos, they start to know what’s wrong, but don’t know why. Adults - they are sad, but they don’t know why they’re sad. Teenage boys - have a shower, use soap, use DO. As an adult, if you have a hissy fit because you’re hungry. You need to know how to return to joy real quick! It’s a spiritual thing, it’s not happiness. Joy is a spirit. Because you’re loved, you’re joyful.
The best example of born-again you, is joyful you! Exercise, write 7 things that describes joyful you. How do you handle problems? What does joyful you operate like? Jesus will always relate to joyful you. There’s a disconnect when you don’t operate out of joy. Going to be a shock reaching heaven - so much joy! Do you think you’ll meet an angry Jesus? No! He is constantly joyful, rejoices over you with singing and dancing. I know that as a father, parent, pastor, prophet of the church. You cannot help but smile, see the potential in them.
Not a personality. Romans 15:13. May the God of all hope fill you with all joy. Not just some joy, but all the joy. All joy possible. Learn to surrender to His joy, goes much better for me and you! If what you believe doesn’t make you happy, it’s wrong! If it doesn’t make you hopeful, it’s wrong. If it doesn’t fill you with joy and peace and hope, then it’s not from God. Half of us default to unbelief and negativity. When you’re joyful, you’re virtually devil-proof. It’s useless for the enemy to tempt you. If you’re sad, alone, tired, hungry, then you’re going to sin! You’re at your most vulnerable. All those things can be solved in moments. Talking about intentional joy. Like speaking in tongues, intentional, turn it on.
When you’re joyful, you’re relational. The clown never gets the sack, brings life, brings a lift. If you complain, lose job. If you bring joy, bring increase - people need that! Getting paid now to tell companies how to inject joy into an organisation.
You can problem solve, work harder, do difficult things well, do the worst job. If you’re joyful you can cope with the worst job, not matter what the job is. It’s spiritual, brings transformation power into the situation. Gospels imply that Jesus was joyful, everyone who met Jesus saw him as joyful. Disciples never explained it. Jesus always overcame obstacles and problems with joy. The feeding of the 5000 - was Jesus anxious? No, he’d be laughing, cracking up. Like walking on water. If you could do that, imagine the fun that you’d have.
There are realms of God that we’re yet to step into, that we’re not ready for because we’re not joyful. Our spiritual muscle is built on our joy. Bad things will happen, but if we maintain our joy, we will maintain our hope. Go through things like the world, but we go through with joy, with strength.
Story of Paul and Silas deliver demon from slave girl. Imprisoned, instead of feeling sad, they sang! Had a revelation of what joy can do. In their chains, start singing. Shook the entire place, caused revival. Maybe the revival around you is waiting for you to become joyful.
Consider it all joy when you face trials of many kinds. We operate from God. Not because we came up with it, but because God gives it. We can endure pain a whole lot better. We can serve God, and repreasent him better than ever when we are joyful.
The muscle comes from this: stuff will happen, but how fast will it take for us to get back to joy? You lead better when you’re joyful, you create better when you’re joyful. You deal with difficult people when you’re joyful, because you stay relational. You consider the relationship better than the problem.

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