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Clinton Phillips, April 7, 2019
Part of the Arise and Build series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

The story continues
Joshua 2:10. After the generation died, took the people of Israel into the promised land. Another generation grew up who did not acknowledge the Lord or the mighty things that He had done for Israel. The generation that grew up didn’t know the story. How sad that would be! We can be in church and miss out on God’s mighty acts. Where He speaks to you and does mighty acts together. Raising up a generation. We are the story tellers of God.
Video - “Sword of the Spirit”, the story continues.
Money spent on conference, Christmas spectacular, car park. The facility is a haven for people. Part of God’s story. Part of that giving is giving into that story, so that others may know the mighty acts of God.
Shelley - story of how the building came into being.
2 Kings 4:8-16 Elisha visiting the rich woman. Making room for the presence of God.
Vs 11 not giving to get something.
Vs 14 Has a home among her people.
Vs 15 She has no son, and her husband is old. This time next year you will have a son.
Started with a meal, but something inside her said “make room for this guy”. Build a home for him, now he can rest. In that moment, when we step out and do whatever for God, He says “what can I bless you”. Not just “give to get”, but just give. God blesses up when we make room for him,


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