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Clinton Phillips, April 14, 2019
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction - this Friday is Good Friday, Easter Sunday.
Isa 55:8,9. Palm Sunday. What happens in your world, when your expectation is unmet, and the promise of God is so far away from your experience? Today I declare to you today, that the word of God that is spoken over your life - that’s His word, and He will bring it to pass!
vs 10,11 My word will not return to me empty, but accomplish what I please,and will accomplish what I desire. His word that comes into your life will give life. In those moments, those times where it’s difficult to trust in the word of God, need to go back into God’s presence and say “God you said this, so I’m going to trust you!”
The word in your mouth is alive and powerful. You can speak unbelief, your mouth is a powerful weapon. It can build or it can break down. God I need your transforming knowledge in my life! The power of God’s word in your mouth is powerful. How do we overcome my offence? We have our case and our justification why - so what? Does that change anything? Go to God’s word - what do You say about this situation? Jesus has a massive case against us - wages of sin is death, we deserve that - but gift of God is eternal life. That’s why Jesus died in our place. Jesus is that eternal life - that we may know Jesus.
Matt 21:1-12 Triumphal entry. What we know as Palm Sunday
John 12:1-8. Jesus anointed at Bethany. The crowds going from laying down the palm leaves crying out “hosanna”, to “crucify him!”
How do we deal when life goes down? How do we deal with those moments? Even Jesus’ disciples would leave him, and he was out there on his own. Jesus was the son of David, our deliverance.
God has a greater plan planned. My ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts. What He has said over you will come to pass.
Zec 9:9. Prophecy 100 years before Jesus. See your king comes riding on a donkey. Sometimes our unmet expectation is because we haven’t taken time to read the word of God. These people had the word of God, they didn’t understand. They expected messiah on a white horse. Is God just mean? The hope we have is to hold onto the word of God. The enemy’s strategy is to make us doubt. Believe God in the midst of this. God is encouraging us - he wants to speak to each of us!
Psalm 118:25,26. Definition of Hosanna - Save now! Send Now!
Vs 24 This is the day that the Lord has made - we will rejoice and be glad in it.
They were crying out “Save now”. But this day has more significants than we realise. God causes the sun to rise every day. This was a prophetic word for Palm Sunday. This day was the day the Lord had made, orchestrated for this to happen. So when God speaks his word to us, this is the year that God has made, then this will ripple out from everything we say and do.
This is that day! We will rejoice and be glad in it!
Dan 9:25. 530 years before Christ. Prophecy about anointed ruler. First issue of decree to build Jerusalem. Giving the date of Palm Sunday. Daniel says 49 years + 434 years = 483 years from the decree of Nehemiah starting to build. 360 days in Jewish calender. 173,880 days. March 444 BC. Add those days = March 30, 33AD. The day that Jesus rode on a donkey into Jerusalem.
Jesus wants you to know, 500 years before, before you were born, I knew you. It may seem like God hasn’t come through for you, but he is not slow in keeping his promises. Can you trust him today?

Nehemia 2:7,8.


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