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Clinton Phillips, May 5, 2019
Part of the This is How I Fight My Battles series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Methodist, Pentecostal. Exposed to the supernatural. There is an opposition. We are born into a spiritual war. Series for the next few weeks in spiritual warfare. Not “God can you be my genie”, but there is a war that is raging, more real than we know! We need to address that as a church. Not to be afraid of it. God wants to equip us. When we asked Jesus into our lives, all his power entered us.
Matt 10:8 Jesus talking to his disciples, releasing them to go out. “As you go, proclaim the message: heal the sick, raise the dead”. God I want to know your will for my life: “as you go, proclaim this message...” this is a job description! There is a mindset/thought that says “I can’t do that - it’s not me”. That’s true - it’s not me, it’s God! This relationship with Jesus, that we do life with him every day. The anointing of God to break bondages lives inside of you! We need to get over ourselves, believing that God can use me to bring people into freedom. Not about moving into victory, we are already in victory! The power that lives inside me is not for our ego, but to display that the kingdom of heaven is here. Free you have received, freely give.
There is an anointing, because he has already given it to us. Christ is able to break every yoke and bondage. Understand the power of God living inside of you! Superhero movies - God is wanting to release us from our minds, He has given us the kingdom of God, we have authority to release it now. “As you go...” to work, to school, to uni. Wherever you go: heal the sick, raise the dead. Story: in Phillipines, God give me the hunger to raise the dead.
The final picture in Ephesians: temple, the family, assembly. The last picture is the army of God. Eph 6, talking about the armour of God.
Eph 6:10- God’s word is the key to unlock the situation in your battle. Be strong in the Lord, and his mighty power. This is an instruction - be strong, might and power in God. Comes through relationship with God. Build that relationship! The enemy’s plan is to keep us from that relationship. Don’t be too busy to take time with God! The power is not in the “stuff”, it’s in the walk with God.
James 4:7 - resist the devil, but the previous verse is submit to God. Submit to God first, then resist the devil. You need to submit to God first, that’s what has the power, live from a place of authority and presence. So, when I pray for the sick, it’s not me, it’s the name of Jesus, taking the word of God - all about Jesus.
There is an assignment against your life. There’s a plan of God for your life. The enemy also has plan. It’s not like a uni assignment, but a blueprint, a plan to carry out, to stop us from knowing who we are in Christ.
Eph 6:12 Struggle is not against flesh and blood. There is a spiritual assignment against you. You need to fight in a supernatural way. We’re putting on armour, not just to fight the enemy, but to understand when we wrestle, we not wrestling with people. Eg When you’re wrestling with depression, it wrestles with every part of you. You cannot just fight it in the natural, it needs a supernatural breaking in the spirit.
Structure of the kingdom of darkness. He is strategic, to kill, steal, destroy. Against rulers, powers, world forces, spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places.
People outside the church have no idea what’s happening - they don’t stand a chance! We need to heal the sick, drive out demons. We are in a war. It doesn’t matter where we are, we have opposition. Learn to release his power!
Matt 12:

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