Ps Clinton Phillips 12th May 2019 ()

Clinton Phillips, May 12, 2019
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction - prophetic word to mums.
More like a warrior message, a fighter message. About joy coming back into our lives. Joy can be easily robbed, peace can be stolen, love can be taken, where we feel unloved or unworthy of love. Aggressive in nature. You’re fighters - high pain threshold. God has designed you that way!
Story of Jeremy. In that moment, PC went to tears, Leah went to war. In the moment of crisis some of us go “why God??” But Leah went to war. There’s something that stirs in a mum when it’s her kids. They can’t just stand by and watch when it’s their kids. Began to pray. 4am Jeremy woke up, healed and restored.
Talk about value and importance. You are a sign from God that God is about to birth something new. That’s how you are designed. Designed as a carrier.
Judges 4:4. Deborah, a prophetess. Back story - God would send judges to Israel when they turned their hearts away from God. God sends a woman. Children of Israel came to her for her judgement. She was a leader, women taking their place where God has placed you. Download wisdom into your family, situation, church. God has given you an ability to rule. God brought about what she said. There is a word of God on your heart and your lips. Do not hold back! It’s in that place, you speak a lot to other people. Positive or negative. It’s part of how you’re designed. To articulate the word of God. Understand where you’re positioned. Placed in family. You are God’s message to them.
Book of Timothy: Love your husbands, train your kids. Not love your kids, train your husband!
Judges 5:1. God has given the victory. Deborah began to sing. There is a praise of victory on your lips. There are decades of harsh treatment, it’s closed up your voice, your song. Shout for joy, sing for shout. Not just a happy feeling when things are going right. In the midst of all this, God brings deliverance to you. There is a word of God, God is about to bring victory.
Highlight reel.
Vs 2 When leaders lead, there is victory.
Vs 3 I will sing to the Lord. God fights for you! Not just about singing post-victory. Deborah was a woman who knew how to speak the word of God.
Vs 4 Attributing the victory not to them, but to God. Without God we would be no-good right now. Without a mother with tenacity, we wouldn’t have Jeremy here today! There is a position and a place God wants you to take up.
Vs 6 The highways were deserted, travellers walked the byways. Village life had ceased, stopped in Israel
Vs 7. Until I, Deborah arose. Get up! God had placed Deborah in a position of leadership, given you word, worship, victory. God wants you and I to understand - get up! Until I Deborah, arose a mother of Israel. Not a king, not a judge, a mother. Mothers - you are a carrier, able to bring into life something new. God has planted something on the inside of you, but it’s dormant right now. God is about to release something. Village life had ceased, but it took Deborah to stand in that place and give birth to a whole new generation of life in that place.
As soon as Deborah arises, everyone else takes their position. Women - until you take your position in God, village life ceases. When you arise in your family, everyone else will take position. You give the warriors in your family, your church the ability to take their position when you take your position. Get up in your worship, prayer life, word life. So much of your life has been keeping you down, but it’s time to get up. A new season.

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