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Clinton Phillips, June 2, 2019
Part of the Sit Walk Stand series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction - Ephesians. Sit Walk Stand. Reading Ephesians 5 times - 30 chapters, 30 days. Being seated with Christ, how does that look in my life? Then Stand - how do I stand when I face opposition? Equipment that has been given to us so we can walk this out.
Eph 6:10 Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Be supernaturally infused with strength (TPT).
Eph 1:3. Praise to God the Father who has blessed us in heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing. Part of our response to the blessing of God is praise. Blessing should trigger praise in your life! When God blesses your life, the immediate response is to praise him. God is wanting you to understand where you are positioned.
Not only am I positioned in heavenly realms, I get the same blessings that are in Christ.
Vs4 God chose us in him. God chose us! Before the foundations of the earth, I knew you! Know your worth and value to God. I am the God and Father of you - God feels the same way you as he does about Jesus. Does that mean he leaves us to struggle through life? No! He is the God that initiates relationship.
Our holiness, our goodness, could not make it. The old testament law - 613 laws - was to show that we can’t do it! Your righteousness cannot appease his judgement, only Jesus Christ can. That’s the grace of God. I didn’t deserve it, I can’t earn it, but He chose you!
When we say that our sin is too much for Jesus, that we can’t be saved, that’s a false humility. It’s a lie of the enemy. The power of the Holy Spirit, word of God, is able to break every addiction, every stronghold. It’s about realising that we can live in that space of holiness.
Vs 4 TPT - he chose us as his very own, before the foundation of the universe. Before the fall of the world, God chose us to be his very own, joining us to himself. Because of his great love. It wasn’t my goodness, it’s his great love. He anoints us. Holy Spirit covers us.
This doesn’t mean that we can do whatever we want! The goodness of God leads me to repentance. It means that we can draw strength from him when we are facing temptation. This grace of God is amazing. Because of the Father’s love.
Holy Spirit. Anointing. Belial = to mix and to mingle. When you put oil on someone, it mixes with everything. In the context of scripture when they anointed a king, this was to say this is the person I choose. Positioned. Empowering. Eg King David. In the spiritual realm, there is an opposition against us. An enemy to kill, steal, destroy. God says I have chosen you, I have now empowered you. Talks of the Holy Spirit.
Before the fall of the world he chose us to be his very own. In the greek to choose = “word”, like Word of God. God has chosen us to be his word. Not because we are like Jesus, but rather we are IN Jesus. I am chosen IN him. He sent me into situations, family. Apostolos = sent one. Roman army send in superior general to break that region. Same word.
Isa 55:11 So is my word, which goes out from my mouth. It will not return empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. God recorded every day of my life, before there was even one. I am sending you as a word. Understand the magnitude of the power of God in your life!

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