Ps Clinton Phillips 16th June 2019 ()

Clinton Phillips, June 16, 2019
Part of the Sit Walk Stand series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction: Ephesians challenge. A chapter a day.
Ephesus was a port, crazy place. Worshiped Dianna - a meteor that fell from the sky. When the church started to arise, the goldsmiths lost work. Acts 18-20 life in Ephesus. 1 Tim, 2 Tim written to Timothy while he was in Ephesus. Revelation - lost your first love. We can be in church, we can lose our first love.
Eph 1:1. Paul, apostle, leader of leaders. Apostolos - sent by God. No matter what circumstances are dictating to you right now, know where you are positioned with God. God is with me - it’s going to work out. Habakuk - though the fig tree does not blossom ie God is my strength, not my bank balance. God is not my genie. God wants us to be mature.
Vs 2. Grace and peace from God the Father. Understand God’s grace, everything we need for relationship with God, has been given to us. Access to his presence. God’s grace abounds. The grace of God leads to the peace of God.
Vs 3. Who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing. First three chapters a church service: worship, prayer, instruction, prayer. Begin to worship God - praise be to God. Regardless of your situation, praise God. Every spiritual blessing. The covenant of the Old Testament in the natural - I will be your God and you will be my people. The new covenant is now spiritual. Paul is about to unpack a banquet. Every spiritual blessing has already been lavished upon us as a love gift, this is why we are celebrating with all our hearts. When then triggers worship, then praise, then passion to live for God. If we understand the spiritual blessings, it is impossible to live in apathy. Positioned in Christ, because that’s where you’re positioned. That’s where you are like a glove - Christ inside us and outside us. Atonement - make us one with God. I am at one with God. Awesome! That means we are in that place of relationship. Like in Genesis when God came down and had fellowship with Adam. God has made a way for me to understand who he is.
Vs 4. Given spiritual blessings already. Just need to unpack it and take it in. He chose us in Him, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love. That is how he sees us.


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