Ps Clinton Phillips 14th July 2019 ()

Clinton Phillips, July 14, 2019
Part of the Sit Walk Stand series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction: Holy Spirit
Ephesians 1:13,14. You were included in Christ, marked with a seal of the promised Holy Spirit. Deposit guaranteeing our inheritance.
Story - basketball player meeting with God. God says to everyone - the church is not the building or the service - the church is you. God says I want to meet you, indwell you, and fill you with my spirit. God is able to set people free. The God of the universe indwells you. We are growing into this faith relationship with God.
Sanctification, set apart. Adoption of God. More than just what we understand. Salvation is regeneration.
We’re not going to fit into the world around us, palatable - we have been transformed. That’s why there’s such a battle in us to go back. We have been set with a seal - tattooed, that says we belong to God.
Vs 13. When you heard it, you believed it. The redemptive power, to buy us back to himself. Bigger than our situation, no matter what you’re facing right now, the redemptive power tells us our value. He redeems our life continuously, He is committed to you, He is trustworthy. Don’t try to do this life by yourself - He is there fighting for you! Don’t just take a beating and stay there: “you’re no good, your ugly ...” No - you have been redeemed and set free! Understand the price that has been paid.
Vs 13 heard the word of truth. Marked with a seal. Spiritual blessings: forgiveness, redemption, grace, adoption as sons. God says “I purchased you, I redeemed you”. This is the truth I want to seal in you. Process of making jam - sealing the jars, so nothing can get into spoil it.
Vs 14. Deposit guaranteeing our inheritance.
1. We are exclusively His - we are loved by him. God doesn’t love us because we’re valuable - because he loves us, we’re valuable. He is crazy in love with you. Seal - a picture of branding, sealing the scroll with wax. If the seal is broken we’d know they’d be tampered with. Milk bottles. Cattle branding. Are you Ok to be exclusively his? When God commits to you, he commits 100%.
We are God’s own possession. We are his total possession. He has branded me - I belong to him. So I don’t have to give up and sit down. Keep walking - every day I’ll follow you. Mountain won’t move - I’ll walk over it. God can move mountains, but no matter what I’ll walk with you!
2. Security. Eph 4:30 (Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit). Redemption wasn’t just a one-time thing. There’s a day when he’ll redeem us back to himself. Stand before God who has given us life. He asks us “What did we do with him?”. Seal is not just to stop dirt getting in, but to let everyone know that you’re God’s! God has an eternal future in hand with you. When you heard the gospel, did you hear and then believe?
3. Guarantee. Vs 14. The Holy Spirit is a deposit, guaranteeing our inheritance. And those who are God’s possession, to the praise of His glory. Back in the day, buying land, give a deposit to say “there is more to come”. Earnest money - saying there’s more of this to come. The Holy Spirit is a seal to say there is more to come. Not just for heaven, but for our future here too!
Holy Spirit comes upon Jesus at his baptism. This is my son, sealed, belongs to me - God looks at you and I exactly the same. See the Holy Spirit come as a seal, a deposit. There’s more to come, we’re not just wishing for it.


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