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Clinton Phillips, July 28, 2019
Part of the Sit Walk Stand series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Two prayers in Ephesians
Eph 3:14-19 For this reason I bow my knee... Don’t lose heart because of what’s happening in my life. Sometimes we see people in ministry serving God, and we back away from that. Paul is saying “don’t lose heart”. That you may be filled with all the fullness of God. God, creator of all the universe, is able to fill you.
Vs 20 - 21 now to him who is able to do more
This is a prayer - understand the weight of what’s read - that we can pray over every part of our world. It’s going to change things when you can’t. When you feel discouraged, helpless, hopeless - understand that this prayer is a precious gift in his word.
Encourage prayer life - grow up into maturity - I want you to be mature in Christ. Not just “Jesus is my genie - rub me ...” - but a deeper maturity in Christ.
Paul is in prison, but he’s still praying for others, interceding for them by name. When you do that, it changes the atmosphere in their life and yours! He will transform our lives.
Ephesus report card in Revelations 2. Doctrine sound, leaders sound, thriving. Report comes back - admire what you do, but you lack this: you’ve lost your first love. I wonder if that’s something we need to look at? We can run events, groups, preach etc, but still not have a prayer life. God wants it to come out of relationship, where you’re filled with the fulness of Him. When you’re in that space, that’s where he reveals himself to you. We live in mediocrity - but there is more!
Vs 14 I bow my knee - He is a big God, the father of all fathers. We have access to him - how are we doing with that? We have an access card, but are we using it? God says we can talk every day, but are we actually doing it? We have free access to His throne! God really loves me.
Vs 15 from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named. We are part of something bigger!
Heb 12:22. You have come to Mount Zion, city of the living God. Family in another place, a family in heaven. You are named in the family of God. “You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly”. We worship as an offering of thanksgiving to God. We join with the host of heaven. When you come to worship, you come into that place where thousands of angels are worshiping alongside you. Jesus is interceding for you. That is one of the spiritual blessings that God has given us.
Vs 16 that He would grant you, according to the riches in His glory. A grant is giving someone money that you don’t need to hand back. God wants to grant us - give us something more! “Riches of His glory” more than just material wealth, but who He is. “To be strengthen with might through his Spirit”. Unveil within you the unlimited riches of his glory until supernatural strength and power comes through the Holy Spirit (TPT). God wants to give us his Spirit, it will give strength, life, what I’ve been searching for. Not sparing anything, I’m giving this as a grant. We become spiritually conditioned. A spiritual blessing God wants to give to us. We have a big family, father of all fathers you can speak to every day. Then he says “I want to give you something more - strength in the inner man”. Don’t give up, don’t quit.
God will fill you with inner strength. I don’t have to change my family at all. What about your family? Pray that they will be strengthened in their inner man.
Story illustration - phone, camera, video. Now all done with a smart phone.
Job 38:1-12 Though he slays me, I’m going to trust him. Then God says “who is this who obscures my words ... I will question you and you will answer me ... where were you when I set the world’s foundations”. Job had a mindset that God owed him. But God just brings it back in order - I’m bigger than this, now you answer me.
Years ago we would never had thought one device could have all these functions. God says I will grant you according to His riches in Glory...that you will be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. (Eph 3:19) God has so much more for you!
Take this prayer this week and apply it! When praying for family, wife, husband, boss, job - not just reciting a verse, but unleashing a prayer that will transform the situation. We can’t do it - it’s by my Spirit says the Lord.


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