Ps Lisa Whittle 4th August 2019 ()

Lisa Whittle, August 4, 2019
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

We need each other. Ps and leaders day. Different personality types: Shout the vision; Bring people together; Make steps for the vision; Vision carriers, let me help you do that. God has equipped us individually to build his house.
Exodus Instructions to Moses on how to build the tabernacle. God says I’ve equipped people with the knowledge, vision and skills to build God’s house. When we don’t find that, we’re lost, purposeless, we don’t know who we are, don’t know how God’s equipped us, aimless. When we grasp God’s vision for us it will transform our lives.
Eph 2:11-18. God has broken down walls that separated us, and made us equal ... we have equal and direct access to come before the Father.
Two crowds: the “in crowd” and the “out crowd”, and God has brought these two together.
Lev 7:11 Life of the body is in it’s blood.
Covenant made - neverending. Peace, new promise made for us that can never be broken. In our lives promises are broken all the time, contracts can be broken. But God’s promises are forever and will never be broken. We need to believe it wholeheartedly.
Jerry Dirman quote - Blood covenant the most binding irrevocable agreement ever. You can choose not to live in the covenant, but it never breaks. When Jesus entered our lives, nothing else matters. God has made us in right standing with Him. His promise will never leave us. Reconciling us to Him.
We stand in this world, we see horrible things: homelessness, poverty, dead, anxiety, suicide, depression, hatred, racism. If we respond like that, we don’t live in the covenant of peace. The gentiles were living hopeless and lost, not knowing peace. God saw his people and brought humanity together through the sacrifice of God’s Son Jesus.
Story: getting sick, exhausted. “Icy-poles” story. Looked at my value as much as I can give. “People won’t like me if I’m not giving”, drives how I live my life. As long as I was seeing people happy and giving out, I felt wanted. Needed to start journey of understanding how God made me. My “god” was thinking “what does people think of me?”. If we focus on the circumstances we become fickle people.
Eph 2:10 says “we are God’s workmanship, his masterpiece”. Understanding wood. Table. A type of sandlewood, $20,000/kg. Imagine table - polished vs pallet - splinters.
Story: prickly pears. Prickles get into your hands. We’re sweet on the inside, full of juice and seeds. But because of our lives, our past, on the outside we’ve got prickles.
How do we live under this abiding promise? “When Jesus is life, nothing else matters”. If you were in conflict with someone, but you saw them as God’s masterpiece, would that change how we would speak to them? If we wore Jesus is life, nothing else matters, then we could live in peace. When we put on Jesus life, we don’t walk in fear, we walk in peace because He is life.
Missing God’s peace, God’s workmanship, needed to go on journey to discover how to be a $20000 sandalwood table and not a pine pallet. We are often the ones who rob our own peace! Do we allow our thoughts to rob us of this peace? We are masterpieces, but if we don’t capture our thoughts we can be prickly on the outside.
The “whittle promise” means something for us. God’s promise means something for us!
Isa 53:5 he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities ... by his wounds we are healed.
Loneliness is the new cancer. There are lonely people in our community - do we live God’s promise?
God has got us through every situation in the past - he will get us through this now! God’s covenant to us is never broken.


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