Ps Clinton Phillips 11th August 2019 ()

Clinton Phillips, August 11, 2019
Part of the Sit Walk Stand series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction: the Church - sit, walk, stand.
What are you speaking over yourself? Power of life and death in your words. When you’re in that situation of discouragement, what do you say to yourself? Faithlessness, hopelessness comes in, discouragement? Bank balance not coming in. What emoji would describe you right now? Computer full - need to create space.
Is your mind just that full, and important things to you are being lost, can take in, can’t respond. Even when it comes to God, it’s hard to take it in. Begin to create some space today. Then things will operate better today.
What do we see when we look at people?
Eph 4:11. It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers. Focus on prophets. God says I have given you amazing gifts. Apostles = leaders of leaders. For the equipping of the saints.
Vs 13 until we reach unity of faith, and become mature to the measure of Christ. If we really understood that, He has caused life and maturity of Christ to come to us - reflectors of Christ. Jesus spoke life, direction, spoke to opposition and broke it down. Part of God’s MO for us is to be like Jesus - these people equip you to help you to grow. God has put you here to equip the body of Christ. God has placed me here so I can be equipped, so I can be mature.
Church isn’t just something you attend - you’re the church! God is making me like Christ, give God room to make us like Christ.
1 Tim 1:6. Stir up the gift of God which is already in you. The gift is already in us, God has already placed it in us. Are we operating our gift out of obligation or duty?
1 Cor 14:1 Desire spiritual gifts, especially prophecy
1 Cor 14:3 everyone who prophesies speaks to encourage - gives them hope, and encourages them. Before you speak to others, speak to yourself first. We’re hardest on ourselves.


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