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Lisa Whittle, September 15, 2019
Part of the New Beginnings series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (SAD). Health condition, suffer “winter blues”, because of lack of exposure to sun.
Recap: New Beginnings last week. Deuteronomy. Story of the cup.
This week: Practical ways we can start these new beginnings.
SAD takes 3 days of sun exposure to eliminate. If we have spiritual blues, what do we need to eliminate it. Another in the fire.
Ex 13:17-18. God rescued Israelites out of Egypt, not ready to face war by taking shortcut. Going the long way. If they face war, they’ll turn back to Egypt. 400 years of slavery. Treated harshly.
Ex 15: Sang songs of rescue. Praises to God. The Lord reigns forever and ever. I can’t believe God you came through.
Ex 16:3 “If only he had died in slavery ...”. Gone from one chapter singing praises, being led by God in miracles, to wanting to turn back because there was food. Q: when does our flesh actually speak? We become so used to God’s miracles, but we keep going back to the “if only ...”. They left Egypt, but Egypt hasn’t been taken out of them! If only we hadn’t left there, we would’ve had food. If only this had happened.
Duck. Story of duck. Paddling underneath, still on top. Ducks up the bank, down the bank. Sitting on the bank could see the bigger picture, that they’re not going anywhere. Like what happens in the wilderness, going around in circles. Took 40 years, should’ve taken 11 days. Going the long way because they’re not ready. We can think that we’re moving, going up the bank, going down the bank, that we don’t realise we’re moving in circles. God can see the bigger picture.
What’s your personal Egypt? Slavery, harshness. We can be Christians, accepted Christ, but what speaks louder in our minds?
It can sometimes appear that the enemy has the upper hand. Ex 14:2 Go back and encamp at the red sea. God has the bigger picture.
God exceeds our logic. God has a bigger plan, always exceeds ours, always to bring himself glory.
Personal testimony. Dealing with issues, struggling. If we walked around with God’s thoughts of us, we would have different attitude. When we are ingrained in our minds, these are the Egypts that take us bondage. It takes a Conscious effort to let go of our old mindset.
Story “The wandering ovary”. What can we do to unstick yourselves?
Personal Egypt. Outside church we can be self-centered, but in the church we can’t have that attitude. Thinking, looking back on journey. Pride, self-centeredness, holding yourself back, holding people back. Vicky Simpson quote. Not only rip ourselves off, but ripping off people around us. God’s chosen you to step out. What will it take to unstick you?
There were 613 laws, Jesus summarised as “love God, love people”. We get that freedom, and we still get our Egypt. What if we saw Jesus on the cross? He’d look defeated, but God saw the bigger picture. God was going to save everybody, but the cross looked defeated. God wants a relationship with us, intimacy with us, but what is occupying our mind? What takes our minds away? Do we go to him about these things, or do we go to him when we need saving? When do we consult first? Becomes Lord AND Saviour, not just Saviour.
Four D’s and a charge.
1. Discovering desires. The Holy Spirit that fans the flame for Jesus. Discover the desire to want to know Jesus more. When you keep his company, you consult him through the day.
2. Detachment to attach. Detach from self-serving goals, to attach to God.
3. Devotional Reading. Encounter and surrender to God through scripture. Building relationship with God, not just information gathering. There’s a difference. Journalling. Write down what God’s told you. When you look back you can see what God’s saying to you.
4. Discipling. We are meant to do life together. Created for that because we are a body. Be in a relationship to encourage others or be encouraged by others. When you encourage others in the fire, something changes in you. Helping others unlocks something in you. Find that person that walks with you, encourages you. Be accountable.
The Charge - Let’s Go! We may not have SAD, but we all go through winter. A winter season when we’re down.
Deut 1:6-7. The Lord said you have stayed long enough on the mountain.
Vs 8 Go in and take possession. Sometimes there’s seasons to stop. But I feel like God is saying “Get up and stop camping!” God opens the seas. We look trapped, feel trapped, but God is opening that sea.
We are in a winter, we as one body we need to come together.

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