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Kelvin Phillips, September 22, 2019
Part of the Visitor Speaker series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Bones tell the story!
Introduction. Drop an apostolic seed. When you plant a seed, something will grow out of it.
Ezekiel 37:1 - valley of bones. Recap: in exile, the regression of the God-chosen nation. God raises up a deliverer in Moses, brought out of Egypt, 10 plagues. 40 years in the wilderness, clothed, kept free from disease. Led to the promised land. God’s promises full of his provision. Every promise has purpose, has provision. God does not leave us without promise. Israel is a picture of the church, brought into the promised land. If you don’t raise up idols, then my promise will be with you in the promised land. They went into exile because they allowed distance come between them and God. Because of that distance, they are taken out of their promised land, and the enemy takes hold of them. They move away from God, something creeps between them. Find themselves in Babylon, a different generation, different group of people, but back in a prison, no miracle, no power. God raises up major and minor prophets - Ezekiel is one of them. A priest in the temple in Jerusalem, carried away into Babylon. 10 years into his ministry, has vision of dry bones. 7 years before that he’s carried into exile, taken away from his temple. Loses his wife. If anyone understands bones, dryness and valleys, this prophet does. Step into both sides of the camp.
There are bony situation in all our lives. Have one foot in understanding that dry bones talk about me - bones will tell the story. Have one foot embedded in - when God is getting ready for bones to give testimony, He will raise up a preacher.
Prophecy - God will bring the preaching of this house, bring good news, to every lost soul, every dry bone. It is the preaching of the word that opens up territory, into our destiny and future.
Ezekiel 37:1-7. Prophecy to the bones - you will come to life! When you see this, you will know that I am God. When God comes to a bony situation, there’s no organisation/power/politician that can do for you what God can do for you. You will know that I am God, I will regenerate these bones, bring restoration. Whatever looks like it has passed away and destroyed, when God works with the bones, they will testify one day that I am God.
Ezekiel - speak to the wind. 90% back, but doesn’t have the power of God, will slip back into it’s old stead. No progress, formed, but powerless. If God breathes on it, something will happen. Change up the message.
Ex 37:9-10 Breathe into these slain, that they will live. Became a mighty army. That’s the vision - vs 1-10. What Ezekiel sees of a nation in captivity. Where they see themselves stuck, no way forward, no way back. God says I will do an amazing thing.
Vs 11-14 is the interpretation of the vision. These bones are the people of Israel without hope. God will bring them back to the promised land. I will open up your graves, I will put my Spirit in you and you will live. God has spoken. And I have done it.
God speaks of bones. Adam, Eve formed from the bone of Adam. God breathed in them. Formed from the bone.
Joseph says don’t leave my bones in Egypt, bring them back to the promised land.
David buried Saul and Jonathan in a kingly area. The land where they were buried, God entreated that land because of the bones of Saul.
Dead man thrown into Elisha’s tomb, dead body came to life - power in the bones of Elisha.
Jeremiah - fire in my bones
Psalmist says - no rest in my bones
Proverbs - health to the bones
God brings Ezekiel to the valley. Battles were fought in a valley. Meeting place between two armies. Battle would be fierce. Whoever is victor in the valley took the territory of the other army. This mighty army brought to nothing. God puts the prophet in the valley.
1. Your Ezekielness is exactly how God works. God puts you in the middle of the nothingness. God doesn’t look at how the situation is. Not taking Ezekiel to the miracle of the valley, he’s taken to the dry bones. When he puts you into that situation, he says “look!” The dryness of battle. God walked him up and down the valley. The situation is lacking, dry, broken. Is God punishing us? No! The bones will tell the story. If you don’t know the story you can’t testify. Speak your faith from where you face your challenge! Bones are broken, dry, disconnected. God engages us with vision. He starts with where you are. God asks “can these bones live?” Not because he wants to know, but to get us onto the same page. Only you know God - it means that we don’t to have an answer. There are some things that are above our pay grade!
Romans says we don’t know how to pray, but the Spirit of God prays and makes intercession for us - it’s OK not to know.
20 times in those 10 verses, bones are referenced.
Power of the bones


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