Ps Clinton Phillips 29th September 2019 ()

Clinton Phillips, September 29, 2019
Part of the New Beginnings series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Recap last few weeks - Ps Kelvin, bones tell a story. Previous week - Ps Lisa Whittle, seasonal affective disorder. Being connected but being stuck. Father’s day, sharing their testimony facing fear.
Deut 4:1 Hear the decrees. Deut is the book of second beginnings, the people who left Egypt. About to enter into a new place, a new time. Delivered out of Egypt, fire by night, cloud by day. We have seen all that God can do, promised this for you. When we’re walking through life’s stuff, we can get discouraged. It’s not your willpower that will keep you, it’s the word of God.
God says to Moses - They’re about to go into something new. “Follow them”. The word of God is something we can follow and obey. God’s word, when he speaks to us. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God. Our pipes are blocked up because we’re so familiar with the bible but we don’t read it. This next season, the word of God will keep us. The Just will live by faith.
When God speaks to you about your life, He has a proven track record, given us His blueprint. When we make ourselves available to the word of God, he will speak to us, cause faith to build inside us when we read the word. When we disconnect, lose faith, we give up. The word says “Follow it so you may live”.
And take possession of the land. What are we taking possession of? Push back against the new. God says this is the land I’m giving you, I will be with you and fight all your enemies with you. For 40 years they wandered in the wilderness. God wanted them to step in the promised land when they’re ready. God says I will give you my word, so you can take possession of it. Eg gifts of healing. Partner with the word of God. Heb 4 - the word of God is alive and powerful.
Vs 2. Do not add to what I command you, do not subtract, but keep the commands God gives you. God is wanting us to know His word. Our circumstance wants to come against us. Pushback, opposition wants to come against us. But if we follow God’s word, it will give us life! Sometimes we’ve taken away from God’s word because of our circumstance. If we’re going to step into new beginnings, we need to get into the word of God. When you prophesy, attach yourself to discipleship, our prayer becomes “God I want to know who you are”.
Story: marrying Ps Leah. Get a word from God. Don’t hold back in fear, step out in faith. Not willpower, not good intentions, it’s the word of God.
Say “God I’m going to follow, because You are going to lead me”.
You don’t take a water gun into a knife fight. You can’t take a good song. You need the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.


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