Jeremy Philips 13th October 2019 ()

Jeremy Phillips, October 13, 2019
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction - This term, theme is “In Him”. 1 Cor 6:17. He who unites himself with God is one with him in Spirit.
“Walk it like I talk it”. Theme song. Can you walk it out in the world, like you talk it here in youth? God within us will give us the power to walk it like we talk it. Dance like the weight has been lifted.
Today’s topic - epic moments:
- Epic Bottle flip
- Avengers Endgame
- WCE grand final kick the winning goal in the final minutes
When we give our life to God, that’s an epic moment too. When God heals someone, that’s an epic moment, when you pray for someone, when someone responds to the call in youth. That can be experienced in your life too. Don’t shy away from your epic moment. Your epic moment hasn’t passed yet, it’s still something to grow into.
The effect on the youth of their epic moment: camp, youth. Then they get home, post-camp low.
Strive to get other people to experience their epic moment. There is a freedom here waiting for people, but we need to reach out.
Avengers spoiler alert - we want to be that excited to tell people about Jesus.
“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom”. 2 Col 3:17. Best examples of freedom is Moses, led Israelites out of captivity. Epic story.
Ex 14:9-16 The Egyptian army chasing the Israelites. Sea in front of them, and the army chasing them behind. We can be like that sometime, feeling trapped - exhausting. Can look like there’s no way out. Can be a situation that you think that nothing good comes from.
Vs 12 Better to be slaves in Egypt than a corpse in the desert. Like waking up and can’t find the phone on the bed. Israelites start blaming others, doubting God. Start questioning - why did you leave us in this situation to die? We start to think it’s better to be still stuck in slavery. They’d rather go through the struggle than to ask help from God.
Vs 13,14. Don’t be afraid - stand still and watch the deliverance of God. Stay calm. God is in control! No matter what the circumstances. There’s a freedom for God after the waiting, God is going to come through for you. You don’t have to be what your parents are, or what your family life is like. The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.
Vs 15,16. Tell the people to get moving. Epic moment. The sea parts and they walk through. Moses gesture, reaching out. We have to wait on God, and then move - He will do the rest. It takes a stance from you. Be willing to fight for your freedom. Choose God, and he’ll do the rest. Jesus extends his hand to us. Jesus won’t refuse us,


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