Ps Lisa Whittle 17th November 2019 ()

Lisa Whittle, November 17, 2019
Part of the Faith series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Recap: Faith.
Today: Blind faith. What does it look like? Easier to step out in faith when there’s no disappointments. Definition: unable to see completely or clearly, deprive someone of judgement and understanding. Two types of blind faith: blinded by others, or blinded by our past history. How do we get that faith?
Walking: walking and words. Song - Passion: I will follow you anywhere. Bridge: “Wherever you lead me, and whatever it cost me...”. Q: Can I sing those words? If I say this, what will happen to me? Prayer: teach me how to sing these words. “... All I want is you”. Thinking of Abraham, costing his firstborn. He was willing to sacrifice his firstborn, and he was rewarded for his faith.
Luke 5:2-11. Put out your nets in deep water. We’ve worked hard all night, and have caught nothing. Dates and times to fish. Been fishing all night and caught nothing. They’re fishermen, this is their job. Someone called “master” tells them to go out in the middle of the day, when it’s the wrong time to do it.
“Because you say so, I will let down the nets”. He could have said “no, I’m too tired, wrong time, you’re just a carpenter etc”. Jesus looks to us for partnership, obedience, surrender in Him. Even when it doesn’t make sense. Sometimes it needs us to surrender our logic, our sense, past hurt - let go of all of that.
Craft group study “the flying snake”, staying away from what bites us. Stepping out in faith, to overcome our fears and be obedient. Didn’t wait, just did it.
There’s something different when we have Jesus in our boat and we’re stepping out. When Jesus is calling you, your experiences and abilities aren’t important. What matters is your faithful heart, stepping out. Simon Peter knew where he was going to put the nets out in the deep.
Gen 12:1 Moses - go to the land I will show you. NOT ‘have shown you’. ie God will show you once you leave. Imagine if Moses said “No, I’m not leaving my family.”
Simon Peter surrendered. I wonder if he believed he was going to get fish. “I don’t know if I believe Him”.
Heb 11:1 Two different types of hope: NOW faith is confidence in what we hope for, and assurance about what we do not see. Then there’s the “cross my fingers hope”. I hope I’m not disappointed if I step out.
Lisa’s testimony. Blockage created 20 years ago. What happened there, shaped who I am. Steve Furtik quote: “The same thing God uses to grow us, the devil uses to destroy us.”
PC says “Let it be according to your faith”. We limit God when we stick to our safe prayers. Pray for answer to this point. But if all we’re praying for just that bit, we’re limiting God so we don’t get disappointed. If God says “no”, what do we do? If we wake up with someone on your mind, do you contact them? God does not do something without a reason.
Luke 5:6-10, there were so many fish, that the boats began to sink. Peter falls at Jesus’ feet - go away from me.
Vs 11 they pulled their boats up, left everything and followed him. Left the full boats. Due to their surrender, Jesus gave over and above. Even then, it wasn’t about the fish - be fishers of men.
Peter found his call, through stepping out in obedience. Through the miracle of fish, he found his call.


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