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Clinton Phillips, December 22, 2019
Part of the Sunday series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Matthew 1:1-23 Jesus will save people from their sin. Immanuel God with us. Immanuel speaks about his office.
Amazing about Christmas - birth of Christ. Our whole timeline, time is hinged on the birth of Christ. BC = Before Christ. AD = Anno Domeni - the Year of Our Lord. 2019 = 2019 years after the birth of Christ. There is other God or deity that time is measured against.
Matthew was a tax collector, a learned man. Portrays a view of Jesus Christ that establishes his lineage.
Isa 7:11-14. Ahaz, king of Israel. Ask for a sign. Behold the Lord will give a sign. The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and you shall call him Immanuel. 700 years before the birth of Christ. Israel are being besieged by Syria. God wants to give you a sign. The real deal is not that he didn't want to test God, but he didn't want to trust God. Ahaz was planning on selling Israel to Assyria. He wanted to do things his way.
But we need help, right here, right now! Out of Judah will come Immanuel. Battle, being besieged, a messiah will come out of the tribe that's about to be sold into slavery.
The point - God had a purpose for Judah. It didn't matter what Ahaz was about, what Assyria was about to do. The only thing that really mattered was God's plan.
What is beseiging your family right now? God is saying I am in control, I am with you. We all want the genie God, who delivers right here and right now. Promise vs reality. Isa comes to Ahaz, God is going to send Jesus, come to save from sin, deliver bring freedom.
No matter what you're facing he's with you.
The enemy can't take you out. BUT if you let the enemy in, he can. The enemy wasn't after Ahaz, he was after Israel. You are the patriach - the enemy is trying to take out the generations that come from you. We are the coverings for our family spiritually. Q: What are we opening up our world up to?
Dads - become the covering for your home. You have the power and authority to shut it off (the attack of the enemy).

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