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Clinton Phillips, December 24, 2019
Part of the Believe series, preached at a Midweek Meeting service

Luke 2:1-14. Story of Jesus birth
Prophesied over 700 years earlier, that Jesus would be born and save us from our sins. God made an avenue for our sins to be forgiven, and for us to have a relationship with the Creator of the universe. Power of the story, significantly change our eternity. What’s so amazing about Christmas? Family, gifts, love, food, togetherness. The only time of the year the whole world comes together to give. Jesus’ birth marks time: BC=Before Christ, AD=in the year of our Lord.
Giving gifts. Re-gifters? Different types of gifts. Obligation gifts. Friend gifts. Passion presents. Personal, practical, something that will last. What’s the quickest present broken? We want to make sure the gift is paid for?
John 3:16 - personal, practical, paid for. Never lose sight of this - we can become so familiar that we lose sight of the power of it. God so loved the world. (Not just the Christians, but the whole world!) That He gave his only Son, that we should not perish.
Personal gift - something that would mean something to that person. God wants a personal relationship with us - to know us intimately. So personal about his relationship with us. Don’t lose sight of the wonder of that. Pressure comes in, stress, bills, etc But God is committed to each of us, to do life with us. God loves us, that’s why He gave. It’s a costly gift.
Practical. God gives us the gift of Jesus, then Holy Spirit, his word, prayer, life, peace, hope even in the times of hopelessness. The gift that keeps on giving. He’s still the Father looking out for us even if we walk away. He’s the one who looks for the lost, leaves the 99 sheep for the one. We can hear his word every day.
Purchased. Wasn’t stolen, not robbed, but paid for in full. Salvation was paid for. Your deliverance was paid for in full. We have our receipt - God’s word is proof of purchase. Our layby receipt. Your word declares this, now I’m hear to pick this up. Appropriate it to my life.
Permanent. For all eternity. The gift we give is eternal life. We only have a moment with people that we do life with, and it can be gone in an instant. We’re not here to play church - we love gathering together. God has come to give us life abundant, life to the full. God has given us life. As we journey through grief, we know that God is for us. Not just to get into heaven, but we are promised that - Jesus goes to prepare a place for us guaranteed. Whoever has Jesus Christ has life. Life or death - we have Him, and we are going to be with Him. This is part of the relationship with Him.


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