Ps Clinton Phillips 5th January 2020 ()

Clinton Phillips, January 5, 2020
Part of the Summer Series series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction - Stepping into 2020, walk in newness of the new decade, desire to follow him.
Matt 6:21 - where your treasure is, there your heart is also. Q: What’s valuable to you? Wherever your treasure is, your heart is there. The book “The Treasure Principle” - shopping online. You want to send a gift to someone, bought gift, taken it to AusPost. Imagine it sent, arrived there, the guy delivering the gift just takes it home and doesn’t deliver it. We would be angry! That’s a picture of us with God - he gave us a precious gift, sent it to us, as a people, we can be like the delivery guy - “I got Him, I unwrap it and make it mine, but I keep it to myself - it doesn’t make it to it’s destination”.
God says “I give you the power to get wealth.” This year, talking about being good stewards - finances, physical being. Prayer - that we don’t become a church that just unwraps the present for ourselves, but passes it onto the people around us.
Like our relationship with God. We are grateful for what he has done for us, but sometimes we treat him like our genie. He’s our Lord but he’s not Lord of our life (ie He is in control of my life). Sacrificially give my life to Him.
1 Chronicles 19:1-3 King David. Supplying material for the temple of God. Above that, I have gone to my own personal treasures and given.
Vs 10-13. David blessed the Lord. Riches and honour come from you. David’s heart is for God, not to say “look how rich I am”, but rather “God you are my everything - that’s where my heart is.”
Change of perspective - not giving out of obligation, but with a heart that says “I give because I want to - not give to get, not give to be noticed, but because in my heart I love you and want to give to you.”
Col 2:1-3 See Apostle Paul, treasure of his heart. Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Paul is contending for the church. Fighting for them. Can that be our heart, for our families and one another? Can we pray for our spouse, contending for them to know treasure that is God. Intercede and pray. As we do that, no matter where our relationship, He will give us the heart for everything.
Not just giving, but an attitude for God. Giving is not the root, but the fruit. Seek first the kingdom of God, THEN all these things will be added to you. If we do it the other way around, then we lose sight of God.

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