Skye Burcham 19th January 2020 ()

Skye Burcham, January 19, 2020
Part of the Summer Series series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Treasures of God. Recap:
- Where your heart is, there your treasure is also
- Treasure in the darkness. What God brings out of darkness
Today: Treasure of the Kingdom of Heaven
Third week of 2020. Thinking about the year that was, and this year, goals achieved.
Top 5 new year’s resolutions:
- Eat healthier
- Get new job
- Exercise more
- Finances
- Lose weight.
3/5 are to do with health. Sacrifice and discipline.
Matthew 13:44-46. Kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. Like a pearl of great price.
Did whatever they could to obtain this treasure. Understand the incomparable value of the kingdom of heaven. Do whatever you can to possess it!
Like weight loss. People do whatever they can to lose weight. 5 million diet books sold in the US every year. Diet options. Gym. Exercise. Health issues aside, it takes sacrifice and discipline. Cross fit. Sacrifice time, money, buy shoes/clothes, discipline - get up early to go to the gym. But had goal in mind to achieve. When you have a goal, the sacrifice doesn’t seem so great.
Q: Do we put as much effort into the kingdom of heaven as we do to our earthly goals? Are we being as disciplined as we need to? It takes daily sacrifice to be obedient to God.
Spend time in the word! A sacrifice that needs to be made. What will that be? TV? Music? Sticking at a job? Leaving a job? Relationships? Friendships? Putting yourself in negative situations?
Other sacrifices - spending time with friends and family. Eg Jeremy youth Friday night, sacrificing time with friends and family. Going to church Sunday. Sacrifice to be in fellowship. PC sacrifice time with family. This kingdom of God is our treasure.
Mikayla - nothing compares to the promise I have in you. Nothing compares to the promises we have in Christ.
Cross-fit. By doing it more, you become more disciplined than you ever thought you could be. Sacrifice of food doesn’t seem so great when you have a goal in mind.
When you pray every day, you find the sacrifice of TV doesn’t seem so great. When you let yourself slip, afterwards there’s regret. That’s like our relationship with God - if we put off time with him, the journey becomes harder to come back to him. We need to be preparing every day for our eternity.
The formula isn’t straightforward. If it was easy, then everyone would do it. If eternity with Christ was easy, then everyone would do it. We’re the outcasts - the world is stepping away from the values of God.
Matt 19:16-30. Teacher what must I do to have eternal life? Go and sell all your possessions, then come and follow me. How hard is it for the rich person to enter the kingdom of heaven. With God, everything is possible. Everyone who has given up for my sake will receive 100 times in my name.
Sell everything and follow me - he couldn’t do it. Standing right in front of Jesus.
Q: What is Jesus asking you to sacrifice? What is Jesus asking you to say yes to? Could you do it - whatever it takes for the kingdom of heaven.
Ex 19:5 Will you obey me fully?
No sacrifice is more important than being God’s special people.
Matt 13:47-50 Separate the wicked from the righteous in the end. Do you understand how important it is to seek that treasure?
John 17:14-16 They are in the world, but not of the world.


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