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Clinton Phillips, March 1, 2020
Part of the I Am series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction - Bread of Life
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138 different types of bread: Sourdough, white, bagette, rye, naan, cornbread. Jesus says that he is the bread of life, and if you’re hungry for him, you’ll be filled and never hunger again.
Q1: Is Jesus really enough for you? Not talking about physical hunger, but a hunger on the inside. Does Jesus satisfy you in every way? Do you need something else? Story: businessman, wealthy - did people want to know him as a person and not for the money?
Q2: Who really sees you? If people take the time to go past wealth, skills, do people see who you are?
John 6:25-40. Vs 35 I am the bread of life. Next 7 weeks, the I Am, leading up to Easter, with I am the resurrection and the life. Begin to see Jesus, not just what he does.
John 17:3 this is eternal life: that they may know you God and Jesus Christ. Having fellowship with God. Commune with you, share a meal, share Jesus. Talking about spiritual, supernatural.
Feeding of the 5000, when they saw Jesus feed the crowd. Just after the beatitudes, miracle of the loaves and fishes. Jesus had a plan, borrowed a kid’s lunch. 12 baskets left over. When we do anything for God, you will never go without. 12 disciples, 12 baskets. Leftovers enough for the disciples. God says I will take care of you. Jesus says I am the bread of life, the sustaining power of God to keep you.
In the context of the day, bread was a big part of their budget, so being fed bread saved a huge part of their cost. Do we have a view that he’s our “sugar daddy”, after what he provides for us? Vs 26 you came to me because you had your fill.
Jesus says vs 27 I will be your sustaining power of relationship. Jesus comes with the backing of all of heaven. Jesus says you won’t hunger again, you won’t need anything else. We need to change our perspective.
Your work and my work as a christian is not to “do stuff” for God, vs 29 what must we do? Our work is to believe in Jesus, to believe Jesus. Todd White quote: Many christians believe enough to get into heaven, other christians believe enough for heaven to get into them and flow through them to others. The Spirit of God says “Believe in Jesus, the one that God sent!” This is a year of coming into that place of maturity, beyond “God can you do X”. Consume God through his word, through prayer, through everything appropriated in His blood. So it’s not determined by our circumstance. God calls us to relationship, to believe.
Luke 8:15 parable of the sower. Those who hear the word, produce a crop. This is what believing in Jesus looks like: hear the word, retain it, by persevering you produce a crop. It’s transformational, you don’t stay the same. Not about what we do, it’s about what He does. You need to be a people who hears the word. Hearing the word means you’re positioned in the word. When I read the bible, the bible reads me.
Hear the word, retain it. In the face of fear, persevere until it produces evidence in our lives. When we encounter Jesus, he transforms us from the inside out. When he becomes more than enough for us, he sustains us.
Prophecy for the youth.

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