Ps Clinton Phillips 8th March 2020 ()

Clinton Phillips, March 8, 2020
Part of the Jesus series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Introduction - The 7 “I Am” of God. In the book of John, Jesus makes these statements of himself.
John 10:1-10 - I Am the Door. Who doesn’t enter by the door, but climbs up some other way, is a thief and a robber. He who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep ... The sheep follow him, because they know his voice. The aspect of Jesus talking about himself. “I am the door”.
Story: undercover boss. God is the CEO of the company, comes in Jesus as a baby “undercover”. Takes time to do life with everyone in his company, in relationship with him. He comes to people out of relationship with him, to bring them into relationship. Q from last week: is Jesus really enough? Are we able to say “thank you for the blessings we have been given?” Jesus is saying to each of us - “you can trust me”.
Previous chapter, Jesus healed the man blind from birth. The pharisees threw the guy out. Jesus wasn’t enough for them. Jesus says to them “everyone who comes over the fence is a robber”. You don’t care about the sheep, Jesus says “I do”. He says something about the door, that’s unexpected. Jesus says “I am the door”. Something deeper than that. Something about sheep of that time. Pen to hold the sheep, one gate, shepherd slept by the gate. When you left home, through the door. Arrive at church, through the door. Leave church, through the door.
Jesus is saying to them “I am the door”. I am the way in ... to God. To relationship with God, to the family of God, to eternal life, to salvation, to abundant life, to healing, to restoration. Jesus brings you in, tells us if you want to enter into a relationship with God, then you have to enter via the door. I am that door. Anyone else who tells you otherwise are thieves and robbers.
Not everyone will choose to believe. Jesus says to us, there is no other way to get to God, except through Jesus Christ. Contrasting with Pharisees who didn’t care about the blind guy who was healed.
Jesus offers each of us to come to a moment, a place, a time; where we can enter in through the door.
Jesus says the sheep know my voice, and flee from the voice of a stranger. Picture of a shepherd who would call out to the sheep, and they would follow the shepherd. Because I have relationship with them, they know my voice.


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