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Clinton Phillips, February 14, 2021
Part of the Discipleship series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Discipleship Culture - Followers of Jesus
Dan Moeller - we all have one life to live. Out of that time that we have, how much of that time are we spending with God?
Story: Life is really busy - if I had more time to spend, I’d spend it with God. Even with holiday, all this time free, didn’t spend any more time with God. Challenge: who am I?
We can be in a church environment, and still not spend any time with God. Your presence is heaven to me - we are positioned to seek him, but still many distractions! He wants us to invite Him in! Take moments to be with God. Practice!
Relationship with God is not what I do, but who I am.
Gal 2:20 Culture of discipleship. Making disciples who make disciples. Start by laying a foundation - the focus is Jesus. Never lose sight of Him! It’s His presence that transforms. He is inviting us into His presence, and He will empower us from that place - that’s where the fire of God comes!
Apostle Paul speaking to them Justification through faith in Jesus. Nothing you can do can make you more justified - actions don’t make us more acceptable to God. Who I am is justified - crucified with Christ. We died with Christ - every sin, have and ever commit, was crucified with Christ. When Christ died, he took it all for me.
What is empowering us is not us trying to overcome, but that the power of Christ is doing this - Christ lives in me. Wherever Christ lives, he overcomes. We are justified by faith in Jesus - I am right with God!
An MRI detects abnormality, but it won’t heal me. That’s a picture of the Law - helps us understand what our sin does, but it doesn’t cure that.
Doesn’t mean we can give up the bible - faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. When we are in right relationship with God, the Spirit of God is living inside me and ready to reveal the word of God.
A new era, an invitation.
What would your life look like if you just go - “I am crucified with Christ!” ?
Fear, insecurity - it’s time to part ways! It’s time to step into the invitation to be a disciple. Starts with the foundation: it’s nothing that I’ve done, but everything that Jesus has done!
When I understand my position in Christ no insecurity can enter my mind.

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